Fashion designer Jitka klett has made its name all over the world

European fashion brand JITKA KLETT Prague has been on the market for 24 years and over the years, led by fashion designer Jitka Klett, has made its name all over the world.

Characteristic of Jitka Klett’s work is the emphasis on feminity, elegance and harmony. Individual models are made from the finest materials and components that are designed especially for fashion brand JITKA KLETT Prague.  These components are used to create collections of handbags, accessories and shoes as well.

Currently, designer Jitka Klett presents two lines of work. A Ready to Wear collection is released twice a year for autumn/winter and spring/summer.  The second line of her work is the Couture Collection.  Couture Collection is custom made with individual approach and special services for our clients in one of our fashion studios or, based on appointment, even all over the world. Jitka Klett’s fashion studios are located in exclusive historical buildings right in the city centres of Prague and Kosice.

Jitka Klett has created her own fabric patterns since 2012. Those patterns are inspired by different cultures, nature, world artists or art periods. These special fabric patterns are only available in a limited number in the Ready to Wear collections.

Jitka Klett’s work is aimed at creating a new and originally aesthetic experience. Because of this, Jitka Klett chooses very special locations for her fashion shows. The most interesting fashion shows have taken place at The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, the historical building of The State Theatre in Kosice, the Church of St Anne or at the Ball Games Hall of Prague Castle. JITKA KLETT regularly participates in fashion weeks all over the world. The designer has presented her work in Paris, London, New York, Dubai, Beirut, Moscow and in other places. Works of Jitka Klett have been presented in more than 16 countries yet (beside European countries, for example in the US, in China and in the India).

Currently, you can find Jitka Klett Ready to Wear in her two shops. The first shop is situated at Slovansky dum on Na Prikope, one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Prague. The second one shop is situated at The Prague the Style Outlets  next to Prague airport. These shops offer  beside clothes also collections of accessories, shoes, handbags or even Jitka Klett perfume. In the near future,  also exclusive editions of home design will be available.

Throughout her professional career, Jitka Klett with her fashion brand has been an active part of many charity projects. One of the most important charity projects is her own project JITKA KLETT for FASHION REVOLUTION. The goals of this campaign is to support young talented artists and fashion designers from Czech Republic and Slovakia, to increase public awareness  in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the current widespread problem of child abuse in the fashion industry and to support domestic clothing manufacturers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The JITKA KLETT fashion brand is guided by the philosophy of timelessness and thus emphasises a style that is not subject to fashion trends, but rather constitutes an ageless fashion trend of its own. This idea is symbolised by the IFE emblem, which stands for “icon for ever” and “in for ever”.

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In attachment, you can find photos of our RTW collection INSPIRA for this spring/summer and our latest collection GRACE, also the photo of designer Jitka Klett and our logos.