Fashion & Lifestyle Events in Bangladesh organized by ‘Global Entertainment Ltd’

It is an honor to inform you that our company “Global Entertainment Ltd.’’ has been organizing Nemours Fashion & Lifestyle Events in Bangladesh for a very long time. We are going to organize a very special event this time. This exquisite show will consist of works by promising designer where magnificence of fine clothing and persona meet.

In this event, you will witness a splendid showcase of these designer’s trendy and contemporary works of handloom, Industrial fabric etc. We promise to illuminate your time with us by 30 top models amongst whom international models & celebrity show stopper will be present. It will be a 1 days Event including 12 queued fashion show with 1 individual grand finale. We will showcase the works of top 12 designers from Bangladesh and India. Invitees are expected over 500 (Cream Crowd) (VIP, CIP, Fashion icon’s, Officers Different companies, Celebrity).

Chief Guest will be one of the higher personalities of Bangladesh. Different Satellite Media Coverage (promo, Ads, TVC, and Live Coverage on different Social media Platform) will be done before, during and after the event. Print Media Coverage (Magazine page coverage, Web poster, Event Poster, on Different). Social Media Coverage (Live Streaming, Promotional events). Endorse by Different Celebrity Who are Associated With the performance (Models, designer and celebrity appearance). Massive Media Coverage inside and Outside of the Country. TV News Coverage and Print media coverage. Online portal coverage. Press briefing Media bites. The entire show will be featured in different platform .

The theme is based on the color combination of Shades of Winter and autumn the reason behind the color selection is because winter denotes power, elegance, mystery as well as autumn wisdom, wealth, illumination, high quality. The title sponsor of the Show will be Global Entertainment Ltd.

This time we are Focusing on the new talents for the show.  Bangladesh has great talents who are not getting the proper chance to showcase them self in international platforms. Thus we decided to take those people in for our event, giving them a start. For that reason we are organizing Model Audition as well Makeup Artist audition via which we will find the talents and present them to the world stage so that they can be highlighted and work in the challenging world of fashion.