Saj Vlogs talks success on 567,000 subscribers

Saj Vlogs is a youtuber based in UK and has more than 567,000 subscribers on his youtube platform and has more than 17,000 likes on his facebook.

He has been noticed by the royal family of Morocco where most of his videos are to be taken place which some people mockily call him ‘ saj airport vlogs ‘ which is rather amusing but at the same harmful due to his career. Sajad Razaq is from London and has been known to be the rather good friend and is extremely real person. Saj talks to Daily Mail 24 about is career.

1) Saj Vlogs – your a youtuber – how did it start?

it started from me just posting videos online and since then my readership is more than 550,000 people annually.

2) who inspired you?

My wife, I love my wife and all my children and they are the ones that keep me growing

3) Saj I got told you was a brawler back in the day?

hahaha I wasn’t a brawler but I had history of taking care of myself, im a loveable person and I believe in allah has gave me a beautiful wife and beautiful children who I all adore

4) Saj you met the prince of morocco?

yes I met the prince in starbucks and he noticed me and said ‘ come and have a drink with me ‘ which we ate chocolate brownie with coffee while we had 8 body guards surrounding us to make sure me and him were safe.

5) you have 17,000 people on facebook, whats it like having all that people?

I love my fans and there like children to me, I love them very much and I dream about them day and night and even when I go to sleep, I give them a little pray and I wish them well because without them, it would never be the same and I would do almost anything for them ( of course in reason ) hahaha

6) your friends with Kiran Rai?

Yes I know hes a god to everyone but to me – he is just Kiran. we met at the gym and since then hes been my bitch every since hahaha

7) can you explain by what you mean bitch?

No I wont answer this question as my manager told me I cant answer that

8) I heard you smoke shisha?

yes ive quit, I don’t smoke and I never hardly did, just a toke once a year otherwise never.

9) why are you lieing to us saj vlogs?

I am not lieing but I would appreciate it if you don’t wind me up, I haven’t had my cereal yet and I get cranky when the brew isn’t on!! ( hints at his wife while he sits there with no socks on being interviewed )

10) what do you mean cranky?

cranky as in go ballistic brother,  I’m like the UK hulk that turns red instead of green

11) I think we should end the convo here?

yes you should now shut the door on the way out and don’t open it until I tell you

12) what about our dinner you’ve prepared for us?

forget the dinner, ile give it to my neighbours hahahah