She shares since a young age the passion of fashion: Janira IDER

Janira IDER ,Born in (Alicante) Spain. From a Spanish mother and an Algerian father. She shares since a young age the passion of fashion. She dreamed of becoming a model and a actress.


After a few casting at 18, she launched her career with a beauty contest in Greece and was selected to represent Algeria.

When she return to Paris she decided to finish her studies and obtain her Diplomas in design and commercial management.The greatest strength of Janira is probably her perseverance; she stays motivated and ambitious to reach her goals into her professional modeling career.

In her mind she as always this quote : Dream, Believe, Act !In order to focus more heavily on a modelling career, she moved to London. Janeiro has also a versatile profile who allowed her to do various projects internationally.

She travels and model for different brands and ethnicities; from Bollywood and Middle East to Western, all styles suits her.Her last big accomplishment is the AYLAZ campaign in Morocco with The Irfan Rafiq Production. It’s a big one and she is very pleased.

Model : Janira
Designer : AYLAZ
Jewerly Designer : Saima Kiran
Photography/ Videography : Qaiser Azim & Shazar Mall
Artistic Production : The Irfan Production
Make up Artist / Hairstylist : Maryam Hussain