Methods of JnU Written Admission Examination

Jagannath University (JnU) 2018-19 BBA and graduate first-year admission test will be held in the written manner. Already, the university authorities published guidelines for the admission test methodology and the distribution of numbers.

According to the sources of the university registrar, this admission test will be held under three units. Unit 1 will have to write answers to biology or mathematics, including science and physics at science section.

There will be a total of 6 questions in each of the 6 questions and each answer will be written. Thus the question number 72 will be asked. This year’s question will be made from the Syllabus of the Higher Secondary Textbook. In the Humanitarian section of the Unit-6, six questions of 4 questions in Bangla and English will be written and limited number of sentences in Bangla or English in Bangladesh and contemporary world art literature or socio-social issues.

Unit-3 will have limited number of sentences in Bangla and English related to business and economics related to accounting science, business organization management, business policy and application and mathematical intelligence, for the total number of 24 questions and language knowledge.

However, the combined admission test of Music, Fine Arts, Drama, and Film and Television will not be held. Only subject-related practical and oral exams will be taken by the relevant department.

According to the Registrar’s office, this written test will take place 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. The written examination will be 72 numbers. In addition, the remaining 28 numbers will be 12 in SSC GPA and 16 in HSC GPA.

Minar Al Hasan, Jagannath University correspondent