JnU VC blocked for the Demand of Convocation

JnU BCL arranged a protest rally and blocked administrative building in the banner of general students demanding the convocation of Jagannath University (JnU). When the administrative building was blocked, JnU vice-chancellor was blocked in his room.

It is known that in order to organize the convocation, around 12 pm Chhatra League started the rally from “Khatal Chattar” in the banner of a general student. During the protest rally, they took the oath of ‘convocation’, ‘The black hands of the administration, break the administration’ and stopped the gate of the administrative building with the slogan.

Meanwhile, members of the procedural team and administrative officials tried to open the gate despite several times. Then, all the officials including the vice-chancellor, who remained in the administrative building, were confined. On the other side, when the Vice Chancellor went out of the administrative building, the angry students protested against the VC.

At this moment, when the proctorial team members proposed to discuss the matter with the Vice Chancellor, students gave them two days time. The convener of the movement, Akter Hossain said, “Our demand is the demand for convocation. The administration could not organize any convocation in 13 years. If the administration does not give any assurance about the convocation, our movement will be even more intense”.

Vice-Chancellor Mizanur Rahman said that need a huge space to arrange a convocation. Which we do not have, However, if we receive any written in this regard, we will give dean and student representatives of different faculties together. They will organize convocation.

Minar Al Hasan, Jagannath University Correspondent