The debut of CoU Sangskritik Jote

The new organization named ‘Comilla University Sangskritik Jote’ (Comilla University Cultural Alliance) has been formed in association with the university’s cultural and voluntary organizations to pursuit the students’ rights and logical demands. The matter on Sunday 11 am has been informed at a press conference at the BNCC office in the university’s administrative building.

At the same time, the first Executive Council of the alliance has been formed where Mehdi Hassan, the President of the theatre, Comilla University and Adnan Kabir Saikat, the President of Comilla University Debating Society, have been selected respectively as the President and General Secretary.

In the newly formed committee, Anwar Hossain Palash of Anuprash Kantha Charcha Kendra and Md. Sohan Sheikh of BNCC as vice-president, Nahid Iqbal of Avayaronna and Wasi Majumder of Pratibartan as joint general secretary, Fahmid Hasan Anik of CoUITS as finance secretary, Shatawabdi Jubayer of Anuswhar as office secretary and Kawsar Hamid Jibon of Science Club as Public Secretary were nominated.

‘This organization will work to make the cultural study of Comilla University more dynamic and to put forward the student’s claims to the administration,’ the general secretary of the newly formed committee said.

Be noted that, the new committee on September 13 in the General Meeting of this alliance, has been formed for the next four months on the basis of opinions of the representatives from the university’s various cultural and voluntary organizations.

Mohiuddin Mahi, Comilla University Correspondent




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