Top model LiMi found her heel broken during the catwalk

Aarong has been working for a long time to promote Bengali language. Because of the beauty of Bengal’s heritage with beauty, this institution has made its place of choice for the Bengali people. Arang portrays the fact that in the fashionable evening dresses made of Arang.

This fashion show was held at the Army Stadium on Friday evening, the second day of the 40-year celebration of the three-day festival. The models of Arap Mann, Aarong Taga and History brand participated in the Ramp Model Azra Choreography.

Along with the aesthetics of the dress, along with the beauty of Sundari, the light raid took place in the fashion show, the ramp model Azad Farhana Limi’s shoes were played. When walking with other participants in the fashion show, there is a problem in his shoe. But he did not remove himself and took the shoe off with his hands and feet after the shoes came confidently to return to the specific place. This was the main goal of Limi, due to his adversity that it did not interfere with the attention of other models walking on the ramp.

Azad Farhana Limi has been praised by the audience of the present because of the emergence of the situation. Besides, social media is also going on in Facebook. Actually, this is professionalism.

Many people have praised Azad Farhana Limi through social networking: ‘This is called a Prediction Professionalism’.



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