I am fearless rock Angel: Angela Andreyevskaya

Ukrainian muse for stylist from Milan Angela. As we know in September you become Mrs. Ukraine United World 2018. Congretulations!

1. What gave you your title?

First of all, I want to thank you for your support before the contest and after!

I am very proud of the title I have got. But to tell you truly my victory is won by all the team that I love.

I had amazing hair stylist Volodymyr Kulbackyy. My friend and super professional makeup artist Natalia Krylova.


Of course, I could not be without my partner and at the contest well known Katrin Synenka. She is always with me. Ussually she is the contester as I am her National Director, but this time she took all big responsibility to curate the team on her little sholders!

And the special person in my life Igor Karpenko that support me at a contest that gave me a lot of power to win by his care. So my crown is taken by powerful professionals.

After the contest, I got a lot of proposal for shootings and magazines so I had enough to appear everywhere. Tv, radio, public events. During all this time one stylist from Milano was watching me.

I was very surprised when he invited me for changing all my look as he sees me. I asked him what does he see? He said that I am fearless rock angel. I was very intrigued and went to Milan for one day with my photographer Andrey Roshkovskyy. All day it was like a crazy dream! I changed 5 looks and the last two were really Drama.

You can see how the most innocent pictures of the first two looks. I loved the changes and felt really good as a blonde! So I think if You dare to be yourself you will get the hall world!
Thank you, dear Giovanni Bianchi, for one crazy day in Milan!

All shoot coming soon…