I love Simplicity, elegance with a modern touch: Janira Ider

1. What attracted you to begin a career as a model and actress?

I couldn’t imagine myself in anything else. I love the fact to control my emotions and make myself into another character.

2. How did you prepare for the role?

I try to make myself into a real situation and visualise myself into the character.

3. Describe your fashion style.

I love simplicity, elegance with a modern touch.

4. Who is your favourite actor/actress?

I have few Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard …

5. Tell me about what you’re working on now.

I am working on different projects this month a music video, few shootings and Pakistan Fashion Week… I am so excited!

6. What is your next goal?

I want to get a role in a Bollywood movie!

7. Where can we follow your work? 

On Instagram @Janiramodel

Photo credits:

LRAacademy @thereallubnarafiq

Hairstylist: @uzma.rafiq.hairstylist

Mua : @sams_make_up_and_henna_art

Photography: @theirfanrafiqproductions @jamesrudland @qaiserazim @cinnarts

Stylist : @zafshabir @neeru.randhawa

Agency : @thecactusagency

Designer: @bibildn

Jewerly: @nargis_collections