The meeting with the President was in a warm and pleasant atmosphere: Mariana Nazarchuk

Ukrainian delegation, leaded by the National Director of many international competitions, Mariana Nazarchuk, visited Albania this year. The contestants of International Kids Fashion Week, whose organizer is Albana Cakshiri, are Ukrainian girls Yordana Pasichnyk, Zlata Pasichnyk and Sofiia Turchyn.

The fashion days in Albania have made unforgettable impact on every girl, because Albania impresses not only with its nature and culture but also with its genuine and open people.

We should also mention the highest level of organization of the Albanian fashion days. A visit to the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, has become a special event.

The youngest girl among the competitors, Zlata Pasichnyk from Ukraine, has received an opportunity to give flowers to the President. The meeting with the President was in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

National Directors have told about their countries, and contestants have received an opportunity to ask the President different interesting questions.

Because of such events we have a possibility to develop more about other countries, to share experiences and create a lot of incredible projects in the future, including charity ones.

Thank you, Albana Cakshiri, for the invitation and we are looking forward to the next meeting!