I would define myself as a dreamer: Miss Ioana Al Bada

I would define myself as a dreamer, born in a small town Campina, on Prahova Valley in Romania, a place filled with amazing landscapes and good-hearted people. Raised by my grandmother, descendant of the Cantacuzinofamily, (Romanian aristocratic family) I received a strict education with predefined rules.
1. How did you get into Event Management?

After I  graduated my university and I closed my company (Import-Export with luxury cars), I decided to take a new challenge ….I went to Italy at my uncle,  where I got fascinated by the Italian fashion events and Movida ( the nightlife events and parties).

Having experience in marketing and advertising, I started to collaborate with different organizing groups as a freelancer agent.

2. What was your first full-time job?

My first job was during my University as an interpreter(Italian –Romanian, English – Romanian)and after 2 years I was able to start my own company, Import Export with luxury cars.

3. What was the first event you helped to organize?

A happy hour in a pub, near the sea, called Mamma Sea in Catania, Italy.

4. Please tell us about the toughest event you have organized?

Ohhh, the toughest moment was when I needed to handle 12 events at once J).

For the New Year Eve in Italy, we used to organize different parties in different locations. This was my first year as the main organizer and I had to handle 12 hotels at once. This was really a thought moment, but thanks to my team who supported me, we were able to successfully complete the objective.

5. What is the best advice you would give to someone who is thinking about going into event management?

It is important to have a good knowledge of verbal communication, social media, team building and event coordination, this is allowing you to develop the tools and skills you need to succeed in this field.

As well, it is critical to have the ability to design and implement strategic marketing plans to identify new market opportunities, initiate products and services, and negotiate strategic partnerships to drive market expansion.

6. What does it take to be a good event manager?

You need to take the risk and to accept new challenges.

I remember when I first started this adventure in this field I was working in collaboration with other agencies so my challenge was to expand and strengthen market presence through a diversified portfolio of new business development, advertising and introducing new products and events.

The key to being a good event manager is building new customer relationships through marketing campaigns and personal communication and to be able to maintain a long-term relationship with suppliers and Co-workers.

After almost 14 years of experience in the European market and in the GCC (6 years in Italy and 8 years in the U.A.E.) of marketing and sales guidance, techniques and methods within the enterprise, organization and management of a firm’s marketing resources and activities, organization and management of events, I believe I can call myself a good  event manager J

7. What is your future plan as an owner of the biggest event management agency?

Well, it is important to strive and maintain a continuous best practice even though you’ve reached the top, this is why together with my business partner Ana Maria Simion have defined our Vision and Agency Strategy with measured targets.

One of our Key Performance Indicators is our event concept World Fashion Festival Awards which has been launched successfully this year in the presence of GCC Royal Families and high-end customers and has high priority in our future plans for promoting worldwide talent in the industry of fashion & art.

8. How the Idea of WFFA came in your mind and what is your future plans for this event?

Hit High Agency is continuously striving to bring innovation first on market and make a success out of each event planned, coordinated and executed by our multi-disciplinary team. Diversity is key to our success, this is why we get inspired every single day by young, fiercely creative, active and passionate professionals from all corners of the globe, with vastly different backgrounds and experiences.

Based on this we (as the agency management) wanted to innovate and bring on the market a new concept of event by introducing a platform that is combining beautifully the ART,CULTURE, BEAUTY AND FASHION under one umbrella, dedicated to raising the profile of worldwide fashion designers, writers, painters, local and international artists and industry professionals headed to Dubai, for gaining Middle East recognition and appreciation of their amazing talent and work. World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai is a Symbol of a new Era not only in the Fashion World but at all Cultural and Intellectual Levels.

As for future plans, the agency has the vision to achieve worldwide recognition on 4 continents, especially by touring World Fashion Festival Awards in the major cultural & fashion cities around the globe.

Our vision is based on the 2025 Agency Strategy

Education: Master Business Administration-Academy of Economics Studies, Bucharest Romania

– Scholarship -Diploma of English Language and Literature/Letters – University Of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Honour & Awards:  Prize of Excellence for supporting and helping the Romanian Community in the U.A.E -by the General Consulate of Romania In Dubai.

Personal publications: http://reperedidacticemoderne.com/-CorneliaCrainicBiography


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