Martina Štetiarová, with officially the most beautiful body in the world

Slovak beauty Martina Štetiarová, with officially the most beautiful body in the world (Miss World Bikini 2014, Best Figure of the World 2014, Miss European Bikini 2014, Best Body of the World 2014 at World Super Model 2014) successfully fought her way into world final at the Miss Multiverse 2018 contest where she will be fighting for her next title.

The finalists of the competition are very strictly selected. Getting into Miss Multiverse is challenging. One of the criteria is that a competitor must hold a title from a national competition or title from a world competition. Experience in front of a camera is a must.

Even if a candidate meets all these criteria, there is still no guarantee that she will be in the competition. There is also a need for screen tests and an exhaustive interview in English. And the screen tests are closely monitored by the entire production crew. However, Miss Multiverse is a different kind of contest.

It’s a TV reality show and it’s not just about beauty. Miss Multiverse must be intelligent, a strong personality, demonstrate organizational skills, sporting skills, must know how to act in front for the camera, learn traditional dances, learn other cultures, have a business spirit and a strong character. Miss Multiverse takes place in the Dominican Republic during these days.

The competition began on October 21, 2018, with the participation of contestants from all over the world, the semifinal is next week where the TOP 10 girls will be selected. Then the top 10 will try to win the Miss Multiverse title at the final evening on November 11 2018.

The quality of the competition is also evidenced by the success of the winners. This competition is very challenging but that is the point – doing things differently and better.

The interesting part of the competition is the elimination rules. Competitors have a strict and demanding schedule, 18 hours a day under the watch of cameras performing certain activities. Everything is being watched and scored. From punctuality, professionalism, preparedness, behaviour… …

Wales, Chile and Ukraine have been eliminated at the time of writing this report.

The Slovak contestant is also supported by Slovak partners. For example, especially for this competition were swimwear produced by Relleciga Europe, a costume specially designed for Martin by Denisa Vasiľová and a beautiful handmade piece by Michaela Ďurišová

Martina is represented by the Slovak agency JAY


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