Kaniz Fatema, Woman in leadership share her secrets to success

Nowadays Kaniz Fatema is a trusted name as a politician of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Although she got married in her early stages she found her desired husband who was a similar mentality.

He helped & also inspired in her every step of life. Not only he teaches her education but also inspired her to become a politician. Her family is very much Bangladesh Awami League oriented. Her husband is a very influential leader in Bangladesh Awami league Chittagong district root level. She started her political career as a senior member of Bangladesh Jubo Mohila league.

She is preparing herself as future M.P of Bangladesh. To serve the country, to help the people is her ultimate goal. Until death, she wants to utilize time properly. New bloodline is needed in politics. She welcomed the young generation to contribute as much as possible.

Although my husbands family always discoursed me about politics. She sacrificed her life for the welfare & development of the country. She started her online business with the help of her husband. She always helped neglected & hopeless female & children. She also involved in a social organization.”Colors of life” one of them. Our small donation added their organization helped poor people clothes, sewing machine, educational goods etc. Even their organization helped Cancer affected patients. People want to blend themselves with modern fashion & lifestyle. In this world, money is the only preference. All people are fame freak.No one give proper attention without money. Nowadays, some female is the victim of eve teasing. Some female is also the victim of giving & take matter. She wanted to change the social system. Those girls who adjust with the embarrassing situation. Those can be treated as” Prostitute”.

She always avoids dishonest & selfish people. She felt bad when people not treated work seriously. Although she has small time for family due to busy in the political matter. She loves to do makeup & she always tries to be happy & try to do housekeeping work properly. She wanted to show the world female are not leg behind & they can stand up on their own capabilities. She believes her workmanship should be like this so that she could say ‘I am like this’. Her source of income from family income & online business. She wanted to operate the work with full honesty.

Her always dream to involved in politics with the father of nation’s Bangabandhu’s ideology. She is united & wanted to sacrifice her life under the leadership of present PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. Today she is here due to proper support of Joint convenor of Jubo mohila league Mustari Morshed Sriti. Kaniz holds this position due to her help.