I have always been a confident and risk taker by nature: Parul Bindal

1. What do you do for a living?

I am a fashion model and an actress. I work on various banners and brands across platforms. Ramp walks and acting on screen are my main forte.

2. How would you describe what you do?

I would call my work my worship. My devotion and unaltered attention for what I become when I face the camera and audience are incomparable.

3. What does your work entail?

I am a professional model cum actress. I am expected to be good in front of camera and ramps.

All my carrier and well as my lifestyle choices are of the nature that promotes the fantasied lifestyle.

4. What’s a typical work week like?

My work captures most of the time in life. From ramp rehearsals to the final show,  from auditions to the shoots. But most importantly what I definitely take time out is myself. I soak myself in self-care with a couple of yoga session during the week. I have a stringent workout regime to follow usually in the mornings.

5. How did you get started?

I have always been a confident and risk taker by nature. From being a beauty pageant one day I have now come on to a level where I judge One myself. My Mom has been my true strength in my journey from start. I got my first break at a beauty pageant from Gujarat.

6. What do you like most about your work?

It is very fascinating to watch the world from the other side. Like how as a kid we grew up looking at stars and performers and do their bit for entertainment. And now I stand here on this other side where I have the onus for the entertainment of many. I like myself carrying that weight.

7. What do you dislike?

I don’t like the fact that there is a huge talent pool out there and only a very few get the opportunity to come and explore fashion and acting as a carrier. I wish society and families become more accepting towards individual choices especially when they have such immense talent in them.

8. How do you make money or how are you compensated?

As a performer, we are compensated for the allowed part in the entire big picture. Now that can be a role play as an actress or the bit where I walk for a designer in the ramp. The financial dealing is very transparent in our industry and always acknowledged by all stakeholders.

9. What skills are needed to do this?

It is mandatory to be a self-believer to being with. In this industry, you learn a new role every day.  The main skill a must is being a great learner. Showmanship is achieved in more than one way and one should have that skill to find out how.

10. what is most challenging about what you do?

The biggest challenge is to keep up with every minute changing trends.  It is fashion choices or city trends or lifestyle choices.  It is always important for us to make sure that we change with times and yet be comfortable in all. It is quite challenging especially when we are so closely woven to our traditional lifestyles.

11. what is most rewarding?

From auditions to rehearsal to walks and stage fears.  All these hiccups seem worth it when at the end of the day I come home to see how proud I made my Mom after all this time. Her smile is the most rewarding experience ever.

12. What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

I would advise every aspirant to never take no for an answer.  When you have seen yourself perform in front of your mirror, you saw a spark in yourself. Don’t let that spark die just because someone has expected different. Believe yourself.

13. How much time off do you get?

I usually get around a couple of days off from work during an ordinary month.  But there isn’t much to complain here as my work is my happy hormone.

14. what else would you like people to know about your career?

People usually misunderstand the effort that goes behind in making an evening and entertaining One. I would like to tell everyone to not forget to appreciate every member. The final show or that 3 hours of movie is a fruit of weeks and months of practice. A word of appreciation for the entire crew means a lot.

15. what is a common misconception people have about what you do?

The most common misconception is that people always see us, everyone in the entertainment industry as idols of perfection. The world doesn’t really allow us to have any flaws. New shoes always bite but they cannot see a model even twitch when she carries a layer of dramatic attire over 5-inch heels.

Work Profile of Parul Bindal:

Won many International and National accolades including:

Honoured by Gujarat Tourism as Pride of Gujarat in “Glorious Gujarat 2015 USA”

Crowned ‘Miss Tourism International 2014’ held in Shenzhen, China on 10th December 2014.

‘Asian Trend Star 2014’ nomination award in Asian Trend Awards 2014 held in Chengdu, China in Sept 2014.

‘Gauravvanta Gujarati Award 2013’ awarded by ICAS a Non-Profit organization and supported by the Gujarat Government for success in the Fashion Industry.

‘First runners-up’ in Signature Model Hunt 2012, held in Mumbai, India.

Walked for:

·         Lakme fashion week

·         IIJW 2014

·         Hyderabad fashion week

·         India lifestyle bridal week

Done more than 200 shows with reputed choreographer:

Anu Ahuja, Rohit Verma, Vahbiz, Shakir, Nisha Harale, Meenu Aharwal, Harshad Gadhavi, Achala Sachdev, Utsav Dholakia, Lokesh Sharma, Ravneet
Priyank Nandwana, Birendra, Nayanika Chatterjee, Liza Verma, Vishal Sawant, Sandeep dharma, Agender Gautam, Vijay Roy, Vinay Gupta, Yatin Gandhi, Keyur Desai, Manoj Patwardhan

Commercial Print campaign shoots for Chings:

Avesh Dadlani (designer)

Gagan Kumar (designer)


Koesh (designer brand)

The wardrobe theorem

Worked with many renowned designers:

Indian designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Vikram Phadnis, Varun Bahl, Swapnil Shinde, Manoviraj Khosla, Manav Gangwani, J.J.Vallaya, Vikram Phadnis, Shane&Falguni, Ramesh Dembla, Sharad Raghav, Sumit Dasgupta, Avesh Dadlani, Anuradha Paul, Anil Hosmani, Mohit Falod, Neelam Ashley, Sapna Agarwal, Gagan Kumar

International designers like Wayne Cooper (Sydney), Emannuelle Junqueira (Sau Paulo), Frank Tell (New York), Kevin O’Brien (Paris), Christian Blanken (London), Silvia Betterelli (Milan), Ana Locking (Madrid).

Vitals at a glance

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 50kgs
Chest/bust(inches): 32
Waist: 26
Hips: 34
Shoulder: 14.5
Trouser Length: 38
Full sleeve length: 22
Colour of Hairs: Brownish black
The colour of Eyes: Black
The colour of Skin: Wheatish
Comfortable in outfits: Traditional and western