Jannatul Ferdaus Oishee made Miss World History

Jannatul Ferdaus Oishee, Miss Bangladesh who received high praise from the judges, securing her a place in the top 30 for the Miss World 2018 final. Beauty With A Purpose Project Presentation later today, the contestant has faced with another Head to Head Challenge Winner who has done her country proud.

After a record 2.2 billion views and 20 million votes by members of the public, in a captivating finale of the Head to Head challenge, a shortlist of 20 candidates took to the stage with 90 seconds to present to a panel of judges the work they are doing in their home countries to support Beauty With A Purpose.

Born in a country which became independent in1971, the excited representative expressed that in recent memory this is only the second time Bangladesh has participated in Miss World: “I am very proud of the history of my country and proud to be an ambassador for Bangladesh. This is only the second time Bangladesh has competed at Miss World and the first time making top 30”

She further explained her desire to do something for children with medical conditions such as autism.

Now Miss Bangladesh is standing proud of representing her country. The support of everyone around her is motivating her to do it.

She ended with graciously saying how amazing she felt receiving votes from all three judges:

“I am so grateful for this opportunity. I want to go ahead, build and get better. I don’t know how far I’ll go in this competition and what’s going to happen in the grand finale. But I am very happy that I have represented my country”

It’s TRUE to say Miss Bangladesh has made a great impression on everyone who has embraced the love of her culture, her country songs sung to entertain fellow contestants on the coach and her country’s history.

A triumphant victory for Miss Bangladesh securing a place in the top 30.



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