Dušan Rapoš at the International College Student’s Culture and Arts Festival 2018

The Czechoslovakian director, composer and screenwriter Dušan Rapoš, received great honors in China. As his art agent for Asia and the Middle East, Ivana Sojková, who is also the director of JAY Agency, told us that Dušan Rapoš was invited, representing the whole of Europe as a prominent and versatile artistic personality, to join in as one of the leading jurors of The International College Student’s Culture and Arts Festival 2018, which was organized by Panda Club in Chengdu.

The festival is attended by students from all over the world, including young talents from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The jury was most impressed by the young Slovak artist Miroslava Habčáková and the Czech artist Vilma Agnes Čanecká.

Within the framework of an excellently organized festival, which was perfectly prepared both on the production and technical side, a new fairy-tale “The Secret of the Two-Headed Dragon” by Dušan Rapoš and Petr Šiška was met with great interest and spontaneous response among representatives of local film and television companies and instantly talks have begun to launch the film in Chinese cinema and television.

The Chinese side, headed by the festival president and art producer Zhang Yang, also showed interest in introducing the Asian premiere of Rapoš’s anti-war opera-ballet love story “Pietro e Lucia” in Chengdu, making Rapoš the ambassador of Slovak and Czech film, and music drama in China and afterward throughout Asia.

The opera “Pietro e Lucia” has also captivated the famous Chinese painter Wan Shan He, who was a member of the jury as well, and who offered Rapoš visual cooperation on this project.

A great Slovak director and choreographer Jaroslav Moravčík created the scenic interpretation according to the libretto and the texts of arias of Rapoš’s wife, Eva Vejmělková. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra was led by an Italian conductor Marcello Rota, known for his frequent collaboration with Andrea Bocelli.

Rapoš’s international reputation is also proven by the fact that another member of the festival jury, currently one of the best fashion designers of the Oriental Mona al Mansouri of Abu Dhabi, presented a fashion show of her latest creations in China based on the selection of the opera and ballet music by Dušan Rapoš, has elicited strong emotions in the audience and has opened a door for the Slovak artist to the Middle East as well.

Ivana Sojková from JAY Agency is an artistic agent of Dušan Rapoš for Asia and the Middle East

photo: Panda Club – Chengdu, Ivana Jay Sojkova