Makeup artist’s canvas is face and body: MUA & Body painter Sana Kinaan

My Name is Sana Kinaan World Beauty Championship 2017 (Fashion Look UAE), UAE Beauty championship 2017 (Fashion Makeup).

Favorite Makeup Brush:

There are brushes design for contouring, blending out, eyeshadows and puffing your way to the flawless foundation. My Favorite Brush is Contouring brush as it enhances the feature.

Favorite Makeup Forever Product:

My favorite makeup is MAC, Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Kryolan.

Best Advise to Women:

The best advice which I will give is that women should wear makeup that compliments their coloring and undertones not just everyone else was using.

Mistakes Women Do:

Following are the common mistakes which women’s do.

·   Incorrect Application of Concealer

·   Eyebrow Disaster

·   Too Much Foundation

·   Unwanted Shimmer and Glitter.

Staple Product in Purse: 

Pressed Powder, Lip Balm, Lipstick, Mascara, Small Perfume & Hand Cream.

Body Painting:

Body painting is my passion, I love to draw a different type of Patterns on the human body. Technically the Makeup artist’s canvas is face and body, so I am a born artist as body painter as well. Painting is a very difficult art as it absorbs the whole person’s body and soul. I have done a lot of body painting shoots as some of pics I am going to attach.