Ukrainian Angels visit Bali Paradise

1. Tell us about work you did in exotical Bali

My wonderful and very talented friend photographer Yaroslava Troshyna present me to one wonderful Jewellery brand as Mrs. Ukraine United world 2018 and  Katrin Synenka – Miss Future Fashion Faces Europe as a model for Callendar. Yara has a very creative mind and proposes a good idea for a photo shoot with us.

Marketing support of the company was amazed by her Ideas and invite us for the shoot in Bali for a week. The trip was really well planned by her and company.

We changed three 5 stars beautiful hotels in each we had a photoshoot. We visit all that impressive places from Swimming pool to temples. We tried Surfing and rafting We watched real Balinese dance with singing. And during that time we got more invitation for shoots.

2. What was the most impressive for you in Bali?

I got impressed by people who are living there. They are so calm and smiling all the time. Very polite and very quiet. Nature is amazing. Food. I think is everything! It is really Paradise on the earth and I felt like a Ukrainian angel. I had a lot of fun in the company of our girls like all of us Ukrainian that love adventure!

I got a lot of power for our next and very important project for my city.

3. Please tell us what is your next project?

Our next project is American Christmas Charity Ball 2018 that going to be on 24th of December.

Organizers are Mr. Leon Guerrro Shroider (USA), Mr. Aron Fust (USA), Me – Angela Andreyevska MRS Ukraine United World 2018, Katrin Synenka – Miss Fashion Future Faces Europ 2017, Mr. Volodymyr Misyailo. This Charity Event will be for the donation for lonely and poor old people of our city. I think Christmas time is not only for fun but for remembering about kindness and hand of help. I think this the best way to use our titles to bring attention to the problem.