I genuinely love exposing someone else’s greatness: Stephanie Corn

1. Congratulations on your successes in your industry – Tell us what you do and when you knew this industry was for you?

I am so grateful to be in THIS juncture of my life. Being in the entertainment industry as a producer and in the branding aspect of bringing a movie and television project to the viewers is exciting, breath taking and a mile a minute at all times. I am thrilled to be working on three movies that are in pre-production and a television series that should come out in 2019. I am a connector and a networking guru – my company Hemp& CBD Conduit is making some great strides in connecting hemp growers and CBD manufacturers with the exact right people looking for health in a holistic manner!

2. When you were little, did you always aspire to be in this industry?

This is a great question, the answer is NO! I, honestly, wanted to be a truck driver. I wanted to see the world and get paid to do it. Thank goodness my father encouraged me to look into other careers! I still am seeing this great nation of ours, just not behind the wheel of a truck.

3. How would describe your climb to this success?

Crazy!!! The entertainment and branding business is all about networking and building relationships. Investing the time into building a solid business relationship takes, almost, more work than building a relationship with  a spouse. Sometimes, in the building of the relationship, you discover that they are human; they may let you down. The trick to overcoming that, is to have shaking enough hands along the way to move past the hardship and to keep positive.

4. What life opportunities do you feel you missed out on, focusing on your career?

I have often considered what my life would have looked like, if I would have continued on the path of a great insurance agent. Having the stability of a for sure income is nice and comforting. Being in the entertainment industry, you may work for months with no paycheck. I have experienced hardships that most may not ever know. However, I would not trade the life I have for one of 9-5 for anything.

5. Being a woman in your industry, what characteristics set you apart from men or women attempting to rise to the top?

In the entertainment industry you MUST possess a thick skin and be willing to stand firm in your convictions and morals. When selecting a project or a brand to represent, I pray about it and ask for guidance. I need to know that this project will enhance, encourage and support others dreams or lives. So many people in this industry are willing to take a job, for the job sake. I am not wired that way, I’m looking for a light that will shine to others.

6. What is something your company offers or supports better than any other company in your industry?

We are true relationship driven and choose relationships that will offer benefit and support to others, we truly believe that people and companies deserve the chance to live their best lives and work diligently to promote those goals.

7. How important is it to have the support of your peers, to maintain your position?

My peers and business partners are selected carefully.  When working intimately on projects, we are gifted the opportunity to support each other – both personally and with our business lives. In that, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other thus allowing the others to lift and support or to draw strength from that honesty.

8. What has been the most rewarding in your career?

I genuinely love exposing someone else’s greatness. Supporting someone finding themselves in a part they were cast for or finding success for their product, is exhilarating.

9. Now that you have made it to this level in your career – what’s next?

Keep on keeping on. Finding additional projects to work on and share with others is my passion. My end goal is to be the executive director of a major motion picture that changes the way people look and view a subject. I have not been presented with that project yet, but will keep working, paying my directors dues and wait for my chance to  complete  this item on my bucket list.

10. What charitable or philanthropic organizations do you resonate the most with and why?

I have been proud to associate myself with Rockstarr.org – an organization that helps humans exit the world of being human trafficked. They offer rescues and placement to aid in discovering life and employment out of the industry. I hope to start a not for profit organization that will sponsor breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients who wish to have beautiful boobies, but their insurance policies won’t cover that process.  The human spirit is something that we all can contribute to; empowering, encouraging and supporting love through human happiness is POWERFUL and WILL change the world.

11. What advice would you give to a young woman coming out of high school with aspirations to be you?

GO TO COLLEGE!!! Get the experience in a career that you MAY choose to fall back on in hard times, and prepare for the ride of your life. Engage in your community, build connections and relationships that allow you to exercise the business law of reciprocity – that is working with referral business with the expectation that they will build your business when given the opportunity to do so.

12. What is it like to balance your home life with your career?

What does that mean – laughing silently behind the computer screen. I work from home AND with my husband. It’s very difficult to separate the two. We try to find time to have a date night, to reconnect outside of the business and we keep all things business out of our bedroom.

13. What tips do you have for women, that have helped you find harmony in your life?

You schedule your conference calls and business meetings – these things make you a success in your industry as you keep to your commitments to others. My tip is to schedule time for you too! Whether you are training for a 5k or reading a good book, schedule uninterrupted time to take care of you.

14. What do you do personally for ME TIME?

I literally settle in with my head set and my favorite pillow and engage in lead meditations that help me explore the laws of attraction.

15. What is your favorite Christmas/holiday tradition?

Baking!!!! I find a lot of personal happiness in cooking, with the focus on baking. My family loves to receive a box full of  the holiday goodies that I make – ESPECIALLY MY RUM BALLS.

16. What food dish do you contribute to the holiday festivities?

The whole dang dinner. Since the age of 19, I have cooked all but two of my holiday meals. My specialty dish is sweet potato souffle! That being said, my 30 years of experience has rendered the perfect, juicy turkey.

17. What goals have you set to continue your success in 2019?

I am excited to get these four projects to the silver screen and on television, so manifesting that is on the top of my list. I also have set my sights on a family vacation and one weekend all to myself! I am hopeful to have my not for profit organization created and in the process of finding partners and additional sponsors for it. I also hope to be a part of others successes by the connections that I was able to facilitate!