Glitterati Gateway to Pageants Globally

Shine in your own armour Queen.. Who needs a kingdom? I have my Crown, Sash, and a Beautiful Cause. Kamartaj Pathan CEO of Fashion Fundas has been a guiding light to many Pageant Contestants with a exciting journey in Fashion and Pageantry for the past 25 + years. She met Swati Nanda an aspiring contestant in 2012.

Swati Nanda is 5ft 11 inches tall, beautiful. While Grooming, Mentoring her over the years throughout Swatis journey in Pageants from the start to see her participating in big Pageants like  Indian Princess, Top Model of the World 2014, Miss BRICS INTERNATIONAL 2018, Miss Desert International  2018, Miss India journey got them together creating a great work association. They teamed up and started Glitterati Pageants creating a platform as Pageant Consultants for many International Pageant s for World Finals .

Glitterati Pageants is like a Roof for  Contestants, National Directors, Pageant Owners Worldwide by connecting them with each other being the bridge between them.

Recent project of Glitterati Pageants is Miss Planet International 2019 happening in Host Country Cambodia from 18th Feb 2019 to 4th March 2019. Female Miss Category Contestants  from all countries are participating in this most awaited pageant.

Like any other World Class Pageants, participation criteria for this Pageant is Age between 18 to 28 years, minimum height 167 cms

Grand prize money will be given to the winner which is  5000 USD, customised Crown , Sash, Ambassador for 1 brand, Travel to Africa and Asia for Charity.

Second place will be getting a  Customised Crown , and Sash.

Different Categories are getting – $2000 , Customised crown , Sash,  and Gift Hamper.

Glitterati Pageants made good pageants access easy for contestants to register. Contestants have to register themselves by filling the Google Form by Glitterati Pageants, wherein they submit their complete details, pictures,walk video contact detail on mail. Glitterati Consultants then get back to them via mail for upcoming Pageants.

This is making the approach to World Class Pageants Pageant registration very easy as many contestants do not know how to register,whom to connect with for good pageant work.

Specific Title – Lets say

I haven’t heard about Pageant Consultants as such before,National Directors co ordinate only for their own country ,conduct auditions, earn from it,then pay fees for being a National Director to the Pageant Owner and send their delegate , we have changed the entire concept by charging no fee from the contestants at all, no real time auditions, this makes it easy for anyone from any part of the World to register.Its a kind of revolution as access becomes easier.They will be judged through their walk videos ,confidence looks etc