‘Bishwo Rang, Sari Festival’:  Biplob Saha & Shakila Gaffar

It is said that the only thing constant in this world is change and it couldn’t be truer than in the case of fashion trends. However one trend that has held its ground through centuries is the classic saree a true reflection of a woman’s elegance and timelessness making it the most vivacious and graceful ethnic outfit.

Sari is the symbol of female purity & identity. Being woman means  epitomizing strength. The strength that lies in playing the role of a child bearer, nurturer & a provider.

” The sari of Bengali heritage ” is ” the world color sari festival ” is going to be started for the first time in our Chattogram for three days with the slogan ” colors of life and dreamer’s women ” for the first time in Chattogram. Yesterday, the first preparation meeting has become the Chittagong club with this fair.

In the meeting, everyone has expressed it like a very beautiful confession. In the speech of everyone.”Colors of life” president Shakila Gaffar described the full vision & prospects of the upcoming events. She expressed, our respected Fatema zebunnessa  has said such a beautiful word, which is actually really a matter of attitude.

She said, ” once upon a time, our grandmother, if you read something other than the sari, you would be surprised to say, is this the girl? And now see if the sari is said, ” the girl has a lot of patience too While the beauty of the woman is but śāṛi. This sari festival is organized in March( 28,29,30), hotel Agrabad to bring us back to the sari’s.

Shakila delivered, ”I always try ” whatever I do, there must be a touch of diversity in that work and all of it has been possible by my absolute respected famous Bangladeshi fashion designer Biplob Saha  and the chief adviser of our colors of life Ruhe mostafa upper because of the upper. Thank you so much all”.