Corporate entrepreneur J.S walia Shared his future business goals

Jagjit Singh walia at a glance

A graduate from the Punjab University, Chandigarh, Jagjit Singh Walia is a multi-faceted personality. A hardcore creative person that he is, you’ll see him donning different roles with equal ease on any given day. A film writer and producer, Jagjit also excels as analysis writer. He is also a corporate consultant , Producer & running a Production House namely L & L International. 

He is the Director of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Under his supervision The Theatre Club & Lounge and Cafe North East, a division of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd. are seeking heights of sky. L&L Luxury Resorts and L&L Fly Charterers are the two new ventures proposed by Mr. Jagjit Singh on behalf of L&L Hospitality & Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Jagjit is also associated with Star Craft Manoranjan Pvt Ltd, a company based in Mumbai that manages events and production of films.

Mr. Jagjit has made a mark for himself in Entertainment media, Hospitality & Aviation. Today, this maverick entrepreneur is thriving with different ventures in the entertainment, hospitality & aviation sectors .

Future plan of J.S walia

We are doing three segments hospitality. Entertainment media and Aviation.Our every segment is around common families. We are expending pan India. Europe and Latin America. Like Malta base in Europe. For production studio and business of other ventures. We will raising 1 billion dollars  in India this year.. And 1 billion in Europe for filling this year Plan Aviation will start once hospitality established.

We are doing films. Production and events.Bringing great musicians Drake this year in India tour in November through our companies. I want to build this all as unique concept of entertaining families. Traveling in luxury with small price so they can experience the rich life. We want bring change modernize facilities of living life traveling and enjoyment for families. I am leader of my team not owner so once I will retire my all success belongs to them. Rest I will donate. Need your people blessing and prayers.