Colorful nails interpret the feminine charms: Marlene Batista-Orros

Born and raised in South Africa with Portuguese parents Studied business (MBA) but was always in love with art and especially beautiful hands and nails on both men and woman. Hands are a focal point on a person, you use your hands at all times and they carry their own story about a person.

After marrying a Cypriot man in South Africa and then immigrating to Cyprus, I wanted to create a career that I loved. I wanted a profession that would feel like a hobby and not a full time job.

And after being an artist by nature I decided to get into the nail business Nail art is an important part of fashion. Colorful fingertips match millions of styles being it intellectual or elegant, unique, sweet and cute.  Colorful nails interpret the feminine charms.

I was a Distributor for a reputable nail brand for 10 years. In a small island like Cyprus (population ratio vs. sales) i managed to be top 5 Distributor for their brand internationally and no: 1 in Cyprus amongst so many brands in the market. We had made a study once and we owned 78% of the market.

I love taking part in every event our lovely island has to offer, and attending as many public events as possible. It is amazing networking as well as meeting new people and making new friends all the time.

In 2015 I was nominated Entrepreneur of the year, it came as a surprise as I was nominated by the public for runner up Business Woman of the year. It was an amazing experience.

After taking a short break from the retail world I decided it was time to proceed with a much wanted dream…developing my own Nail Brand and going International, a unisex brand that would be welcomed by both the Professional, as well as the home user. Being an active Nail artist myself for so many years I knew exactly what the Professional Nail artist as well as the end user wanted in a nail product. With the most important philosophy in mind of Safety, Health and environmentally friendly, about came MO Nails International … a Unisex nail care brand that specializes in the Vegan & Ecological care of both hands& feet. MO Nails Pure Gel is 100% active-ingredient, and Soak-Off LED/UV nail gel.  It is absolutely free of solvents, enabling you to pursue beauty and fashion without sacrificing health. With Distributors in 6 countries and growing fast I feel proud and speechless at the same time for having achieved this dream.

Its an amazing feeling when you know what you want and mange to develop a successful product that you know is 99% successful. Why 99% and not 100%? Nothing in life is 100% and modesty is good when it is realistic. Keeping your clients happy is the most important factor in a brand especially when its new. Knowing your product and its full capacity makes your work a pleasure as you are 100% confident that the results you want are achieved. This journey has been a beautiful ride, a big thank-you to my family and friends who have stood by me in all the crawling, teething and walking stages, it has been all worth it.

MO Nails has just adopted a new retail franchise section called MO ECO Beauty which has opened its first store in Limassol Cyprus. This store is run by myself and soon we will have pop up stores in Malls, and other towns nationally too. We hope to hit the International market by the summer.

Tomorrow I will be on TV to release my latest Spring 2019 collection. This year the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral and I can’t wait to release my new Coral color, its alive with every meaning of the word!!

My advice to all is take good care of your hands and feet, these two limbs are a very important part of our body. Our feet carry us everywhere and our hands do so many errands for us. Look after them, they deserve top care by using good reputable products.