From the age of four, I worn my first ballet shoes: Sarah Claire

1. Tell us about your career as a model?

Before I became a model, I first became a photographer. I graduated after four years studies. During this period, I would frequently pose on the other side of the lens and it was therefore very natural that I came to collaborate with professional photographers but also painters.

Actually, I grew up in an artistic background, so naturally I’ve nested in that environment. But photography is not my first passion, dancing is. From the age of four, I worn my first ballet shoes and the enthusiasm I felt led me to become a professional dancer interpreter and teacher. I made entertainment a major asset for modeling.

2. When did you first sign with an agency & what was that like?

My first agency contract was a little over a year ago at Rlook Academy, a very dynamic French agency where I was very well surrounded and coached, an experience that enabled me to multiply shootings, especially in Dubai, to build me an attractive portfolio and increase my visibility with scouts, castings managers and event managers.

3. What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it?

Talking about a favorite photo would be difficult because I tend to commit myself in all the projects that I hold back. It’s probably the fruit of my perfectionism and demanding profile. I live each session with passion, focusing on a natural rendering, which means to me a good result afterwards and authenticity. But to recall a few fond memories, I would say my photo shoots in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat because the setting was beautiful and because the freedom of mind in which I was then in emerges from the images. I also think of my experience in Dubai as a milestone for the exceptional environment of course but above all because it is the perfect illustration of a personal accomplishment that has brought me great pride.

4. What do you think is the best part about being a model in the industry today?

To my opinion, being a photo model is simply a wonderful opportunity to express what you are, to put your personality and your freedom into perspective. Of course, it is also an opportunity to meet artists and stylists, to give life to their clothes or their universe. And to travel around. I like to go to the discovery of another city, another country, other people and feel that my image can support a project, that it sticks to a concept is a huge source of satisfaction. I’m too small for runways but this size criterion doesn’t matter that much for photo models. Many photographers appreciate the photogenic of my face and my smile. I am sometimes told to have russian or Ukrainian origins, but I haven’t got any.

5. What is your favorite outfit that you have posted so far?

Thinking about it, I would say a red gown floating in the air in the Dubai desert! And this for the unique sensation of being finely dressed in this light oufit and being caressed by the wind and the fine sand. I really thought it was a great idea because it highlighted both the dress and my body.

6. What is your favorite healthy snack?

It may sound a little cliche but I would say that a single apple is fair enough. Or drinking mineral water. In any case, there is no secret, if you want to keep fit and remain dynamic, you must keep away from temptations and the ease to fall for to them.

7. What are your travel essentials?

Trying to take care of my skin, it’s really an essential capital to protect from aggression. And I appreciate showing off my eyes. Consequently, moisturizing cream and mascara follow me to every getaway! I am really fond of natural products and I am in particular faithful to the brand Thalgo, a range of marine cosmetics and treatments pretty well known in France in institutes and Spa centers.

8. What are your future goal, dreams & plan?

My biggest dream would be to be able to go around the world without having to worry about financial situation!And if this can be an opportunity to take pictures in each country, it would be even better! I have a strong desire to discover the world and its wealth, its landscapes and its cultures. Maybe your interview will give me a chance – who knows.



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