International Beauty Pageant Sash-Award Ceremony
Pune witnesses an International Beauty Pageant Sash-Award Ceremony/Media Presentation.


First Time Ever!

Pune witnesses an International Beauty Pageant Sash-Award Ceremony/Media Presentation. National Director of various prestigious international pageants for India, Amar Shamu Sonawane, a native of Pune, awarded 12 of the elected contestants who traversed from different parts of India, this 20thJanuary, at a happening night club in Pune, amidst media present.

These contestants will now represent India and Tibet at different international pageants. Dr Akshaya Jain, renowned cosmetologist(SKINTILLATINGG), founder of Amaleeni Foundation, Jasmine Jadhav Mrs. Queen of the World International 2018 and Kaustubh Gahvane Mister Earth Air 2018, were the special guests who felicitated these youngsters.

Mrs Global Beauty International 2019(1stApril – 6thApril),an international pageant for married women to be held in Pune, will see 20 nations participating, again a first for the city,an initiative by TruptiAuti and Amar Shamu Sonawane was launched,by Dr.Akshaya Jain and Jasmine Jadhav.

Amar Shamu Sonawane a passionate pageant enthusiast and blogger is the only Indian to be a Beauty Pageant National Director for 14 other countries, his only goal is to give global opportunity to every talented youth, irrespective of their backgroundsto realize their dreams and aspirations.

The sashed contestants

1. RituLakhina – Miss Glamour Look International,India 2019.
2. Anvesh Bansal – Man of the Universe,India 2019.
3.Rithik Yadav – Mr. Teen Asia Pacific Prince,India 2019.
4.Mansi Negi – Miss Teen Tourism Universe,India 2019.
5.Arav Rajput – Mister Ocean,India 2019
6.Arav Tiwari – Mister Continental International 2019
7.MetokLhazey– Miss Asian International,Tibet 2019
8.TusharPawar– Mr. Asian International,India(Pune) 2019/
Mr. Runway Model Universe,India 2019.
9.Mirza Ali – Best Model of Grand Universe,India 2019.
10.YasinTamboli – Best Global Model of the Year,India 2019.
11.AbhilashaDass Mishra – Mrs. Global Beauty International,India 2019.
We wish them all the best to get international glory and fame to India.