Art Makes the Artist? -Bespoke  Sushovan Dasgupta

Art Makes the Artist?

I wonder how many of us would ever have taken a side-glance to admire the road we left behind, as our boots leave their marks on the dirt, our eyes fathom the journey ahead, and our minds fancy the destination. The time is measured by the pat and the future, while the present remains a misty. I wonder if many of us have learned enough to live in the present and if we ever will. And this is true for many of us practicing fine-arts as a hobby or a profession.

I came to this realisation through my life-long affair with painting but not until I turnaround from the canvas and took a ‘side-glance’ on the lines and the brush-strokes that made it possible.

This can be a spontaneous experience for some people, but some needs to consciously work towards acquiring the ability to enjoy ‘the journey’ – in the imaginary lines on the blank canvas, the first scribbles taking shape into shapes and forms, the muted colors to be hidden on the background forever, and even the Aah’s and the Uhh’s subtly reprimanding the mistakes and praising the good-works.

I believe, that journey makes or breaks an artist, so here I ask – Did you make the painting or the painting made you? And the answer, I figured is ‘both’ and this makes it much more important than the ‘end result’ in the long run.

For me this was easier said than done because I am inherently impatient and it proved to be (still proving to be a constant fight against mu nature, my though-process. So, my humble suggestions to the people out there – rather than forcing this change on yourself (as many of you have tried doing, I am sure), try to bring in additional elements to your panting or crafts-making experience; maybe a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea, some music on the background, and even some air-freshener to complement your creative-workspace, and most importantly the brakes or pauses to relieve yourself from constantly pondering over the task at hand and get recharged.

This is something I attempt and I fail; every day. Nonetheless, I happily accept this learning-process and enjoy every moment of this ‘journey’.

Author: Sushovan Dasgupta

Besides being an engineer by profession, he has been actively pursuing Fine Arts for almost a decade and half. Apart from painting, he is also a trained singer in multiple genre and a hobby-actor. Very recently, he wrote story and script for a short-film, which will be releasing soon. His art-works are as versatile as his talents and ranges from graphite and ink on paper to acrylic on canvas, and so on.