Pancham & Bia sharing their secrets of happily conjugal life

We are like fine wine !!! Aged  for 19 and bottled for 11 now. We never thought when we met for the first time 19 years ago we would end up together forever. Life has been a rollercoaster ride with Pancham.

We had to uproot ourselves from Delhi to Bangalore because he was getting to work with one of the best banks. We have our moments of everything. Both of us love meeting people, partying and yet spend time with our precious ones Nysha and Ranvir 8 and 6 now n the newest addition to our family Mylo, our lil Fox Terrior.

What is the essence of your relationship ?

Bia :
Love for wine …. haha
Love , trust , being there for each other in the worst of times …… my love for him  has only grown with every passing year ..

Pancham : 
We understand each others flaws and imperfections and accept each other and love each other for who we are …

Why did u marry Bia ?

Pancham : It would be foolish on my part to not marry someone who is madly in love with me, with all  my eccentricities’…

Bia :
He was the only one for me …. Always ….

What’s ur favourite holiday destination ?

Bia :  Anywhere  in Europe
Pancham : Argentina

What is your favourite quality in each other ?? 

Bia : love his intensity and his knowledge on every topic
Pancham : her ability to connect with strangers instantly and her passion for her business ..