What is the essence of a model?

Today when we talk about Fashion, Glamour and Limelight, the figure of a model flashes in our mind. A model which is doing a ramp walk in designer clothes. It’s the dream of most of the girls to do the modelling at least once in their lifetime.

Some dream their career in Modelling, some think beyond and explore themselves in Acting career. Most of the present-day actresses started their career as a model only. So, what is the essence of a model?

If we go into the definition, then A Model is having the only role to promote or advertise some or the other product. It serves as a visual aid to the people by means of which they can relate themselves to the product advertised. So why to incorporate a model? They can use a mannequin? Or some other means to advertise.

We see that some of the products are advertised by celebrities. Why them? so here comes the essence of a model. Be it a Male or a lady model, its they who put their essence in the product, enhance the visual appeal of the product and make it attractive to the people.

They are not just the marketing tool but a strong element to promote the product and it is not an easy job. They must first prepare themselves according to the product, their attitude, Dress, make up, behaviour and everything must relate to that product.

Next comes the knowledge of the product- this is an important homework a model is supposed to do. Without knowing a product, advertising the same is foolish.

And lastly comes the execution part. There may be a director, there may be a designer, there may be a choreographer but at last the onus lies on the model to perform the action.

So being a model is just not about having good looks, Personality, Sex Appeal or beauty. It is all about how you project? How you conduct? How you Behave? How you relate and ultimately how you carry your essence with you.

There have been times when most beautiful and tall models were given a space on the ramp. But now a days you will find Dark Models, Plus Size Models, Shorter models and various other kind.

I attended a fashion show where models were Acid Attack Survivors. Believe me they carried their essence so well that I was amused.

A Model’s success lies in the only thing as how he or she carries his/her essence along with the product marketed. Question of being a celebrity or a top model comes much later.

So here my dear girls, you must show your real essence of being a model. Come out with your best. Reveal your hidden talents, Show the darker side of you, show the world that you are something which can rule the world. All the best.

Model:Dr kavita somani

Director & HOD Apollomedics superspeciality hospital