Special modeling system education from Mrs Ukraine United World 2018 

1. Hello, dear Angela. We have heard that you open modeling school again. What was the reason for that?

 – For the last month I called a lot of new faces for casting, as I am developing my agency for a new system of work. Many girls came to the casting without any knowledge about the form of clothes they are supposed to wear. I’m not talking about catwalk or other modeling skills, that is still from them yet. Then I got a call from my friend the owner of a makeup school. She told me that from the time I closed my school all the new girls do not know how to pose and its killing the pictures. That and you add the cost for time for photoshoot plus the time of management, the cost adds up. So I create special educational system for four Sundays.

2. Tell us more about the system. What does it gives to the girls? 

– Each Sunday we take some of the main subjects of fashion modeling work and from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. we learn everything in detail for that style of posing. After that they have a coffee break and also they get tasks to do.

Than they are coming back to the studio to meet all the team for photoshoot. Getting the first real experience with makeup artists, hairstylists, crazy producers and all that jazz. We create for them real stressful situation in a short time. They get prepared for the photoshoot and then they are using all the posing skills that they just learned for the morning.

they remember everything what they learn in this Sunday. And of course we can see if they are really ready for this competitive world that’s called fashion. But the most pleasurable thing is that they get real working pictures for their modeling book.

3. We know you have huge professional team for photoshoots. Who were working with you this time? And for what client you made photoshoot?

– Yes, that’s true. Lviv is very rich for amazing creative professionals in fashion. This time we were working with Miss Beauty Studio, amazing makeup artists specially trained for this kind of work by Maryana Galutska owner of this studio. For the hair we choose salon of Mr. Volodymyr Kulbatskii as his very fast and professional for photoshoots. Photographer Andrii Roshkovskii as usualy he is the one who is working with as for magazines. The client we choose Bozhena Lobanova that creates special crowns and accessories for very glamorous events.

4. Thank you, dear Angela. We wish you good luck with your new educational system. By the way what is the name of you modeling school?

– Thank you very much for you kind wishes. The name of the school is Chameleon models.