Bakana Fashion week Paris 

Fashion & Film Platform based in Paris, San Francisco, Luanda.A fashion and film promotion consulting firm that supports fashion designers and ready-to-wear, including emerging designers looking for opportunities to gain international recognition.

Original design and high quality since 1945, Haute Couture is a discipline in itself that stands out from Paris, capital of fashion since the Ancien Régime. Bakana Events & Showroom will present haute couture designers from the United States and Portugal on:

ATELIER DU France, Port Grenelle, 75015 PARIS @ 3Pm

NEYVA is a brand that strives to challenge and transcend traditional but modern fashion while rooting in Indian heritage. Hameeda Charaniya, a visionary far beyond her time, is the name of the brand. Neyva was born from her inspiration to constantly bring fashion to a higher level.

Following the fashion designer’s approach to creating unique masterpieces, the design and aesthetics of the brand are constantly evolving. Presented in one of the world’s largest fashion capitals, New York, it lays the foundation for a flourishing global presence. The strong presence of the brand on social media and online increases the popularity of Neyva in the world of fashion.

Neyva strives to offer a dynamic fusion of art to the world of American fashion, so that customers can experience the best of both worlds. It offers styles that can be true to the world culture.

Neyva boasts of a portfolio that includes styles for women in constant evolution and varied.