Mikaela & Vasiliki will fight for Miss Europe 2019

Miss Cyprus represent Cyprus & Miss Greece represent Greece To Miss Europe 2019 in Lebanon from 20 February until 10 March. The finale is 8 March woman Day to The casino to Libanon . 50 Models are take part from all Europe.All models are very beautiful MTV in Lebanon cover all the show.

Stavroulla Nicolaou president prestige show production  sent models to the organization from 2002 .The event is very hight Level & all models are very Happy we wish all the models good luck I have to say many thanks to my friend Saif always is next to me.

Mikaela Nicolaou ‘Mirella’ Representing Cyprus in ”Miss Europe 2019” In Lebanon from 20 February 2019 until 10th of March 2019
Model : Prestige Show Production
Dresses : Elizabeth Friedrich
Beauty treatments : The Harmen & Beauty Medical Spa Limassol
Hair: exclusive
Organizing and Styling Stavroulla Nicolaou President Miss Tourism Cyprus & Greece
Photo shooting :by Sakis Nicolaou
Location : Four Seasons Hotel Limassol Cyprus
Sponsor: Dan Serve Management LMD Provision of Investment Planning and Tax solution

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The Greek colors want to win the title of Miss Europe 2019 in Lebanon, with Vasilis Lazaridou deciding to … fight to the end! The 22-year-old beauty from Thessaloniki is already in Lebanon, which will again host this great beauty contest and does not hide talking at topmodels.gr about her desire to bring her title again in Greece. “We have done it with Mikaela Fotiadis, because not again with me this time I represent Greece,” says the beautiful Thessaloniki.

Besides, she traveled to Lebanon with her luggage over her beauty and passion and the experience she needed to take part in a competition. That’s because about a year ago he had traveled to China, participating in a contest and managing to be in the top 10 !!! Now, then, the goal is to take the step forward by participating in Miss Europe 2019 and bringing the distinction to Greece.

“I know I have to try hard because there are a lot of nice girls who have participated, but I trust in my strength,” Vasiliki said, taking the ticket of participation, thanks to the actions of Stavroula Nikolaou, the “demoniac “A Cypriot agency has discovered many models that have made a great career in fashion. “She had seen me and she had separated me,” says Vassiliki, adding: “We spoke, explained to me in detail everything about participation and it was she who supported me in this endeavor. So I want to thank her for her support, as well as my mother, who is always on my side. “

The height of 1.74 Vassiliki is well aware that a success in the competition will be able to open her doors for a career in the fashion industry. “Above all, because the situation in Greece remains very difficult. The crisis has affected everything and this could not have an impact on fashion, “says Vasiliki, who has studied costume design.

Vasiliki Lazaridou has been working with Prestige Show Production, which has the exclusive rights of Miss Europe for Greece and Cyprus.



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