‘Fashion is a platform from which one can change the world’


Fashion is a platform from which one can change the world and EmulEos will do that, one garment at a time. EmulEos utilizes design to not only teach and amaze others but through such efforts can also help our fellow man or furry friend.

With design, it is easier to speak. A method of communication that can reach others when words cannot. I created the brand EmulEos when I was still in college at Savannah College Of Art and Design with this very intent.  Most of the time there is a message or idea behind the designs that are being conveyed.

As an artist, I enjoy dipping my toes in many different fields of study. This has greatly influenced my concepts and in doing so, made me unconventional and versatile. I like to explore concepts that challenge me, or do not directly encounter fashion entirely.

Sometimes, it is the intangible that will spark the fire of my inspiration and the thrilling blaze of defining it through fabric and silhouettes. I want the clothes we make to help customers define their own stories, to be a testimony for their own uniqueness.

What is stronger than a diamond?

A diamond is the hardest stone on The Mohs Hardness scale and arguably the most beautiful. Woman are tougher than diamonds. Often, it is our own inhibitions and doubt that dulls our shine. You can be your own worst enemy. This collection is about facing yourself and breaking free of the negative thoughts that hound you. Tougher than Diamonds harnesses the bravery, confidence and power in every woman and spurs it forth.

It should invoke the indomitable belief of “I can” instead of “I can’t”.  Shatter the demons that mimic your reflection and fully realize the woman within. Female Boxers were a heavy influence, the passion in each urgent swing and dedication to form was truly inspiring. ‘The beauty of the fighter dappled in the long shadows of uncertainty’. In those battles we must battle our own insecurity. Whatever it may appear as, know that you are Tougher Than Diamonds. Upon the onslaught of doubt, lift your chin and raise your gloves.

#WHERE & #WHEN can you meet her?

Sofitel the PALM Dubai, on 29th March on the catwalk and on 30thMarch at the Business & Fashion Pavilion!

Event attendance by invitation ONLY! Get your invitation by DM us or write us at [email protected]