Transition of Jewelry on Mona Shroff’s point of view

Jewelry has been through a huge transition similar to clothing. Earlier the word  ‘JEWELRY ” meant Real Gold , Diamonds, Precious Coloured stones only. Fashion jewellery was non- existent and it has caught up in the last 30- 35  years and now everyone only travels with High end fashion jewellery for destination weddings and events. In fact the good quality fashion jewellery looks as good as “REAL”  Jewelry and it is difficult to identify the real jewellery if placed next to each other.

My transition in designing has also gone through a major change from the type of base metal , plating , coloured crystals that I used for my jewellery last 10 years back to my latest pieces which are semi precious stones from Brazil and Madagascar. I used a lot of Cubic Zerconia , Swarovski crystals with 18k White Gold plating to make the earrings look like Real Diamonds . This was to reach out to the masses who could not afford to buy Real and Expensive jewellery but still wanted to dress up and look beautiful , and since it was affordable the consumer did not think twice before buying.

Temple jewellery necklace

The transition was gradual but for the better as the choices today are huge with affordable prices , styling , designing and in today’s world anything which is unique , creative and edgy sells well.

Temple jewellery earrings

Attaching a few pictures showing the transitions of jewellery from the last 50 years from  Traditional to Fusion style.

Multicoloured CZ earrings pendant set
Mother of Pearl Bangle with Blacck plating
MONA-SHROFF Cable Bangle Brazil
MONA-SHROFF Brazil Multi Drop
Lion Head Bangle with Epoxy
Flower with pearl
CZ baguette earrings
Bangle with Turquoise stones with Rose Gold plating