Skyway is a very positive song: Nikki Taylor

1) As the singer and the songwriter of “Skyway” – can you tell us what was your inspiration in writing it?

Although Skyway is a very positive song, it came from a line of very negative events. Though I was in a dark place, the emotion that came to me when faced with writing skyway was not dark but light and sure enough the more I wrote the song the more positive my outlook on life became. It is truly a song about overcoming hurdles and to live each day to the fullest.

2) You worked with Aubrey Whitfield, the musical producer of superstars like Kelly Clarkson, Little Mix, and The X-Factor in your debut song – what was that like?

I loved working with Aubrey on Skyway and have learned so much from her. At first it was kind of scary to work with someone who is so accomplished and for them to want to work with me, but she was so welcoming and down to earth that those fears quickly vanished. She was very accommodating and would fix anything I wasn’t happy with no matter how small the detail. She did amazing work on my song making it sound just the way I wanted, and Aubrey is someone I am so glad to have worked with and to definitely work with in the future.

3)  What’s your songwriting process like? Do you have any plans to release a full album?  

When I write a song I tend to not start with lyrics. I hear a chorus in my head and it just sticks. From there I like to record the melodies I create and than start adding more music as I get a better idea of the song I want. Once I get the melodies I start to slowly hear the words that.

I want for the song, but it definitely is sometimes difficult to find them. I really want to release a EP album in the next year if everything goes according to plan. I have lots of songs in the works and I am so excited to share them.

4) You are passionate about the arts – from acting to dancing, to singing and writing your own music. If you could have your dreams come true – what would your life look like in 5 years?

I want to do everything. I know that’s kind of a big dream, but from winning a Grammy to an Oscar to being a world champion ballroom dancer, I want to do it all. I also would love to have a full album released and to be going on a world tour, being able to meet fans all around the world, along with traveling which is another passion of mine.I love to work and fight for the dreams that I have, and have no doubt that any of these goals are attainable with the right mind set.

5)  Do you like fashion? Have you ever thought of modeling? 

I am very into fashion and modeling. I love being the clay that the photographer gets to work with and create something that is beautiful. I love being in fancy clothes and dressing up just for the sake of a good photo. Though I haven’t done a lot of professional modeling, I have been getting offers and am starting to get more into the world of it.

6)  If you could meet anyone (living or deceased) for coffee, who would it be? What would you discuss?

I would most definitely want to meet Walt Disney! I have always been a huge Disney fan and I think it’s amazing the amount that Walt has accomplished. I would love to talk to him about how he did it and just his life in general.
7) At such a young age you’ve developed so many talents and accomplishments. Are your parents proud of you?

They are very proud of my accomplishments. They are constantly showing this through their support towards my passions, whether that be driving an hour to get me to dance, letting me do multiple acting camps to enhance my skills, and supporting the music that I am making.

8)  Where can we find you online to stay up to date with you?

I have many ways for you to stay in touch. Would love if you gave me a follow and support my dream!






By Saif Rahman Sozib