A conversation with True magician of modern photography Yara jaroscha

1.what does photography mean to you?

What does photography mean for me, but for me this is a manifestation of my vision of the world through photography I show what I see with my own eyes with inner eyes and as a result I can show this to people.

2.what makes the good picture standout from the average?

Also photos for me is a mission that helps me show people their beauty and shoot them with confidence in what they are because unfortunately now works a lot in minus a person’s self-esteem is very high standards of beauty and natural and leads to certain insecurities I, through my photo, just help people get the main surface. So you are the Messiah.

3.one of today’s main diacussion points amongest photographers is about the true of digital cameras?

Regarding digital photography Yes, indeed, in today’s commercial photography, only digital media is present as they do it from analog cameras is much more difficult and slower and more costly it is therefore clear that I work on digital. accessories print or display a film here unfortunately it all dies and everything goes into commerce as a result of Photoshop abundance after removing it with it. By depreciating itself And the photo itself and the consequences of the work of the entire team of a particular photographer.

4.what is the influence of digital technology on your photography;do you use digital photography, do you use digital camera?

Therefore, it was the market that dictated the need for a digital camera and tax evasion, because today fast food is in fashion, and photographs, including Yes, there are photographers who shoot on film, But they mostly do it from a commercial point of view. that when you are shooting on an analog camera you cannot Well, how would you like to turn on the bridge to think before pressing the button because then fix it in Photoshop is difficult to cut everything and while the digital camera allows you to duplicate it to the ideal picture in but it ceases to be natural.

Well, I think that the photographer must feel the model with which he works and it doesn’t matter professionally. This is a model or it’s just but some ordinary person who wants beautiful photos for himself. the overall result depends. Yes, we can say that there are staged shots. They seem to be artificial, but Believe me, even working in a specially prepared frame is thoughtful and stylistic with all the details you still get. Suddenly from different people and it’s clear that working with professionals is much faster, but with ordinary people it’s much more interesting because the result can be completely different and unpredictable, sometimes it is very pleasant to work with them.

5.How important is it for a photographer to connect with his subjects to bring out their true self?

For example, I want to draw your attention to the pictures of the actors, they are always much more interesting than the pictures of just models, since the actor doesn’t work yet and they live in the image they transmit it and as a result their pictures with actors are much more interesting than with ordinary models that have learned poses the ability to reincarnate is important, but it is important to remain natural and the value of the picture is to make it beautiful. Well, naturally.

6.can you walk us through the actual process that you use to setup a portrait?

That is why, when taking a portrait for a non-commercial photo, it is the portrait that the photographer’s work psychologically with the model or sir is very important because there Accent goes to the person while the commercial photo focuses on the product if it is fashion industry you should be wearing clothes like it the main character, they are a model, please note that if we allow some other product, as if the person is a person, the model also plays a secondary role. Well, as if to sell a product, there is a striking difference between ortretom and commercial photography.

7.location & weather conditions seen to be a cruciao aspects to a successful picture, how do you handle these unpredictable factors?

Yes, for photos on the street, it is very important to control the weather and feel the lighting. This is the most important thing. Generally, the most important is lighting. therefore, I am guided by lighting directly when it happens to me shooting, but I have such a quality, I can roll the weather, I have a direct connection with God in this format, its all yes on my shoot This is the weather that I need for my shoot, so Well, jokes are little jokes as I usually watch the weather forecast for the coming days, they assign pictures and it always pays off, but it’s everything I’m watching, the lighting itself is watching cinnamon in frame how it turns out directly in when the conditions in which I work.

8.color vs black&white.why one over the other &is the photographic process different?

Relatively color or black and white photography Well, I prefer a color photo which you can see in real life in black and white re and colors did not interfere with it much more difficult than taking pictures. B is much easier to take and make a black and white photo will leave a lot of drawbacks of the work of the photographer, please note and his team who is in color, everything will appear and intensify, so I think that working with the color is much more professional than black and white.

Also in the past, the chemical treatment in which color photographs were printed was much more complicated than black and white, so I prefer. Personally, I prefer color.