Angela Andreyevska from the hot new spot Ferenc hotel shooting

1. Hello dear Angela. What was this shooting for?

– The shooting was organized for the brand new hotel in Lviv, FERENC. We have worked with the owners in many other projects, so we got invited to be their brand ambassadors. We took amazing pictures because we got inspired by the wonderful locations, all this before the 23thr of March opening. For this shooting we cooperated with one of our favorite clothing brand RESERVED.

2. Tell us more about this new hotel.

– Ferenc hotel is made in the most trendy loft style. The interior designers did a huge work to make this hotel conceptually beautifully looking and comfortable at the same time. A lot of windows on the walls and roof give us a lot of daylight, which helped very much for our shooting.

3. What was your role for this shooting?

– I had different roles as art director of this project, as mentor for new students of Chameleon modeling school and as a model. It was a great experience for our new models after three weeks of our special modeling education system.

4. How did the girls do their work, are they ready to work as professionals for magazine covers?

– The girls are getting better with every shooting. They were more professional then last weeks shootings. Models are talented and have beautiful faces. If they will keep working with their posing in very fast future their pictures would be everywhere.

5. What about your team? How many people you need to work for one shooting?

– It depends of main purpose of shooting and how many models and outfits you need to shoot. For this project we have chosen the clothes store RESERVED. The outfits looked gorgeous at the hotel loft locations and the general result looks amazing as you can see in the pictures. Special thanks for RESERVED PR-manager in Lviv Natalia Goncharenko.

As usual we worked with our professional team such as famous hair stylist and owners of beauty salon Volodymyr Kulbatskii and his assistant Roman. Makeup for models was made by Miss Beauty Studio in chief of international beauty contests makeup artists Olga Yanush and Mariana Galutska-Stoyanovska. Photo made by our tallented photographer Andriy Roshkovskyy. He was choosen for this photoshoot specialy as he has this kind of vision. Forms and light. Style of 70th.



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