Padmavati Fashion Theatre ‘a wondrous timeless work of art’

By Saif Rahman Sozib Contemporary choreographer with the vision and velocity of Arindam Banerji. The man makes every frame in his fashion theater seem like a wondrous timeless work of art.

Almost every moment in the story that Arindam tells of the royal Queen Padmavati and the invader who lusts after her, is pure magic. The mesmerizing mise en scene hooks you from the word go when in a spellbinding introduction, the Queen on a hunting trip manages to wound Rana Ratan Singh, in more than one.

Palace intrigue is always a high-point in Arindam’s operatic dramas. A similar fate awaits Pari Mirza in Padmaavat.This is a FASHION THEATER so inured in irradiance and so steeped in splendor you will come away from the experience exhilarated and satiated.

when presented his masterpiece to an eager crowd… Padmavati was actually performed live, as a fashion theater , back in 2019.directed by Arindam Banerji , especially for his French audience, in the Pink City Jaipur.

Pari Mirza’s (Padmavati) speech Doing the fashion theatre for my very old dear friend director – Arindam Banerji was a dream come true. I m so thankful to him for making me this lead lady as Rani Padmavati. It was such a great experience to relive the art and culture of the historical days.. from the costumes to the set and the music everything was handpicked and chosen according to the theme of rajput royalty.

Padmavati Fashion Theatre at a glance:

Project Name: Padmavati Fashion Theatre Concept

Choreography & styling: Arindam Banerji

Casting: Pari Mirza (Padmavati), Sushmita Dewanji (Mahrunnisa), Dev (Alauddin Khilji), Himanshu (Rana Ratan Singh).

Fashion Photographer: Naveen Sharma.

Hairstyle: Jassi Chhabra.

Special thanks: Niloy Varma & Manisha Varma (Refugerefuge Events)