Surbhi Tibrewal, impressive start as a business-oriented designer

From her Indo-Western Beach Wedding to Spring Summer collection, it has been a great journey up until now for Surbhi Tibrewal in this industry. Being a undergraduate in Fashion Entrepreneurship & Designing and owning a label, Tibrewal’s,in her final year, she has made an impressive start as a business-oriented designer who aims to make it huge in the industry.

Surbhi has been to numerous fashion weeks and since the birth of her label in 2018 has attracted a lot of trusted and reputable clients such as models, organizers etc.

Designer Surbhi Tibrewal

Apart from her intricate and diverse range of designs, what makes her special is her sheer devotion to customer satisfaction. She has build trust with her clients by maintaining a transparent system from material procurement to designing and execution.

Also, her amazing workforce which thoroughly delivers on her designs as well as tight deadlines adds to her label a significant value.

Designer Surbhi Tibrewal

Diving into her inspiration and challenges faced while creating some of her stunning collections. Spring Summer collection maintains an appropriate proportion of comfort and style which in itself was a hurdle for her.

With colors such as pastel blue and black with floral print, this collection just proves the potential that lies in her ideas. The uniqueness of this collection lies in choices available with customers, be it jumpsuits, slit skirt, gown or plazzo.

Designer Surbhi Tibrewal

Another highlight among her collections, Indo-Western Beach Wedding collection, is definitely worth exploring for the youth as it has been created to cater that section of the society. Without diving deep, this was inspired by an amalgamation of brocade and ethnic, yet keeping it simple and neat which in itself defies the conventional attire for weddings.