Cannes Fashion & Film Awards 2019

Bakana Events & Production, a production company specializing in the support and promotion of fashion and film. Producing fashion renown in different countries of the world and short film.

On May 18, 2019, at 5:00p.m, CANNES FASHION & FILM AWARDSat the prestigious Le Radisson Blu-Cannes luxury lounge on Rooftop, a fashion show of the world’s fashion show and short films from the world.

Awards Nomination with different category: 

Best Fashion Designers, Models, Fashion Influencer, Best Makeup Artist, and Best Short Fashion Film.

Bakana support  GoaSudharop is a non-profit organization based in California, working for the betterment of Goa. The NGO support groups with special needs, such as Goan women, children, village and underprivileged society.

Bakana promises more surprise, and luxury cocktail, these events will receive celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinawood, Nollywood and other countries.


May 18th 2019



Radisson Blu Cannes


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