Painting Art exhibition ‘ARTISTS AROUND THE WORLD’

Art Exhibition „Artists Around The World“in Hotel Jodquellenhof, Ludwigstrasse 14, 83646 Bad Toelz, Germany was a major success, famous artists presented their valuable paintings. The respected public of well-known people visited the exhibition.

Artists from India have shown their works. Cornelia Steckhan was there, winner of The Global Conceptual Art Award, Dubai and many other Prizes. Well-known people was participate in the event.

The internationally famous Artist  Cornelia Steckhan presented  1 picture representing a collection of paintings . She has many collections of paintings, Speaking Eyes collection , Conceptual art collection, Traveling around the world, ETC.

Talented artists from India show their works.

Curators Artist Cornelia Steckhan Corky Art and Santanu Roy City Art Factory, India.

Info: [email protected] or +491717421487.