The choice of the leather was a form of expression: Lacramioara Crisan

The 2nd edition of World Fashion Festival Awards brings together talented designers from all over the world. Come to Meet & Greet our talented designers LACRAMIOARA CRISAN – accompanied by ALINA GURGUTA – on 29th/30th of March 2019! .

Designer Lacramioara Crisan

Lacramioara Crisan is a Romanian visual artist, nonconformist, passionate about the study of forms, immaterialities and colors.

The choice of the leather was a form of expression, a materiality with personality, with which she has the joy to create accessory. She made her debut with her bag collection for winter season 2018.

“I’m attending WFFA with a collection of bags and I am happy to present in a unique line, this wonderful and indispensable accessory from the wardrobe of any lady.” A collection between classic and unconventional avant-garde forms, in combination with the incredible collection of outfits “The Shape of Blue” that reflects philosophical and cosmogony meanings of the blue color: spirituality, freedom, eternity, idealism and its importance in our lives, being the color of the planet on which we live, the air we breathe, sky and water that we nurture.

The artistic interpretations that fit in impressionism, expressionism, symbolism and surrealism, have raised interest in the design of clothing creations that have borrowed from the representative paintings colors and special blue of Baltic Sea The shape of blue”, is an artistic intervention, with a fresh and contemporary air. .

WHERE & WHEN can you meet them?

Sofitel the PALM Dubai, on 29th March on the catwalk and on 30th March at the Business & Fashion Pavilion! 

Event attendance by invitation ONLY! Get your invitation by DM us or write us at [email protected] .