The Dadarlat hat is a soulful inheritance: Madalina Dadarlat

The 2nd edition of World Fashion Festival Awards brings together talented designers from all over the world.

Come to Meet & Greet our talented designer MADALINA DADARLAT from Romania on 29th of March 2019! Madalina is a proud member of the family with the oldest & longest tradition of hats in Romania, owning the First Factory of Hats in Romania since 1896.

To quote Madalina: “We live in a world of vision where we constantly try to build and find beauty! Hence the concept “Colorful”, a collection that combines classical pieces with NON conforming pieces! The hats recapture the lost ground quickly and rediscover a “must-have” item of the moment, but what really makes the difference in our collection is the color! 
The attention to detail helps us to shape our personality, and any of the hats in the Colorful collection help define the style of clothing!

Simplicity, strict lines and well-defined proportions are some of the characteristics we’ve started! The “Colorful” collection is a state of mind, and hat owners (and not only) will know exactly what we mean!
The Dadarlat Hat is more than a business, it is my soulful inheritance that I wish to take care of and educated and formed me as a human.”

WHERE & WHEN can you meet her?

Sofitel the PALM Dubai, on 29th March on the catwalk and on 30th March at the Business & Fashion Pavilion! .

Event attendance by invitation ONLY! Get your invitation by DM us or write us at [email protected] .

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