Brazilian writers launch book at the World Fashion Festival Awards in Dubai

The duo Maria Elisa Coelho and Gustavo Annecchini, partners for 10 years in the celebrity market and now also in Literature, launches in Dubai, their first novel.

On March 29 and 30, journalist Maria Elisa Coelho and publicist Gustavo Annecchini, managing partners of Oroboro Entertainment Agency, one of Brazil’s most influential celebrity agencies, launch Bluebell, the novel’s debut novel in Literature, in the World Festival Awards 2019, an event taking place at the Sofitel The Palm hotel in Dubai.

Passionate about braking the world, these entrepreneur’s duo, now writers, have toured more than 25 countries in search of inspiring places, cultures, stories and people.

Maria Elisa Coelho is a journalist by educational background and has a unique creativity. Launching on Literature has always been one of her goals, and now, after a two-year plan, she puts into practice the partnership with her partner, the post-graduated in Psychoanalysis and Human Sciences publicist and also a writer, Gustavo Annecchini. The duo presents to the world the first novel written in four hands, which inaugurates a particular methodology for the art of writing stories.

Bluebell is a novel that leads the reader to self-reflection; it is an ode to the virtues and a call to the collective conscience. It is a book-movie that seeks to awaken in our neighbour the preservation and the incessant search for a lucid and balanced behavior, having the human virtues as its backbone.  The narrative traverses the world, passing through Italy, Belgium and Romania, and tells the story of the young Chiara di Bernardi, who had the courage and the need to re-signify her values, embarking on a journey full of symbols, purpose, adventure and magic.

“The trajectory of this young Italian is inspired to bring the reader the ability to connect with their virtues. I believe that the human virtues are the most genuine bond in the human species, because they are independent of geographic, religious or cultural limitation.  Cultivating love, justice, altruism and prudence, for example, will always bring people an opportunity to rise intellectually and, above all, as human beings who seek a more balanced world.” said Gustavo.

The cover of the book is an illustration of the Bluebell flower, designed by the Ecuadorian artist Miguel Velez. The flower of blue-violet tones is found in some forests of Europe and is means the three virtues that lead to the narrative created by Maria Elisa and Gustavo: eternal love, gratitude and humility.

“I was captive by the hidden symbology in the delicate Bluebells. We found in the Forest of Hallerbos, Belgium, the raw material we will use to develop the next stories we will write together. Because, more than publishing stories, our main interest is to propagate the importance of seeking in ourselves a virtuous and inspiring behavior”, clarifies Maria Elisa Coelho.

The book will be available in English and Portuguese on the main digital platforms and has already received invitations to be launched in Romania, the United States and Algeria, and, of course, the Rio-São Paulo axis, on dates to be confirmed soon by authors advisory service.


Chiara di Bernardi has a heart of gold and discovered that her greatest desire was to be able to bequeath the best of herself to the others.  But how to do this? In the midst of the exhausting work routine at the head of her father’s renowned architecture office, Gianluca di Bernardi, Chiara sees time flowing through her hands. Luiza, her best friend, awakens in Chiara a need for change by making her life go through a fantastic turnaround.  A Fine Arts course in Florence, the discovery of true love for the young Romanian Dragos, the call of a mysterious librarian to know her most intimate virtues, the electrifying appearances of an immense white wolf and the close contact with an ancient secret Order will change Chiara’s life forever.  The trajectory of this young Italian girl is an inspiration for bringing the reader the ability to connect with their virtues and to multiply in their hearts the certainty that, yes, it is possible to do for others much more than we imagine. For this, acting, dreaming and persecuting, with truth and righteousness, our virtues will always be the best way

Bluebell Novel

Authors: Maria Elisa Coelho and Gustavo Annecchini Publishing company: Letra e Imagem

Pages: 204

Ebook price: 15,90 BRL (fifteen reais and ninety cents) Facebook:

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èMaria Elisa Coelho – @mariaelisacoelho

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