The winner of Miss Polo International is Nazneen Shaikh from India  

The Miss Polo International is a beauty pageant on the platform of the Polo game, its aim is to crown a young lady as an Ambassador to carry out charitable acts in improving education globally.

It is the first International pageant to originate from Nigeria with 5 continents in participation in its maiden edition. The 2019 edition will be held in the beautiful city of Dubai. Miss Polo International is a non bikini pageant, It was founded by Mrs Ibife Alufohai.

The winner of Miss Polo International is Nazneen Shaikh from India

1.Tell us about your career as a model.

My career as a model is really interesting because Modeling give me a lot of opportunities where I am experiencing new things and also life skills at the same time what else could be the best way to pursue your job, earn from it and also learn from it

2. When did you first signed with an agency and what was that like?

I first signed with Miss India Organization and it was for Miss India

3. What do you think is the best part about being a model in the industry today?

Ha the best part about being a model industry is you get to meet new people and new stories every new day demand a new you

4. What is your favorite outfit that you had posted so far ?

My reading of feet of Miss Paula international 2018 is one of my favorite outfit because that was the only outfit that gave me that comfort zone and at the same time confidence and this is why it’s my favorite

5. What is your favorite healthy snacks?

My favorite healthy snack is puff Rice and I used to make it by myself in various flavors and Various Ways because I love it

6. What are your travel essentials?

I always love to travel but also with my comfort zone so there’s this below my favorite pillow that I used to carry along with me wherever I go and at the same time that is one shot all that I used to always have in my handbag without fail and of course a pair of slippers so that I can run anywhere any day

7. What are your future goals dreams plans?

My future goal is to always keep my surrounding happy by doing all big small things my dream is to build a school for all the needy kids and provide them  all the essentials & good manners and happiness

Thank you so much. 

Photos: Nazneen Shaikh’s archieves.