Luissa Burton: I was the first British woman to win “Miss Europe World 2018″

Tell us about your career as a model?
My career as a model: I started at 14 after getting spotted at the Clothes Show in the UK. 
When did you first sign with an agency & what was that like?
After I worked for numerous agencies in London and at 25 got signed to the worlds best modelling agency FORD models. I have won 5 national titles representing Uk and England at various competitions and more recently I was the first British woman to win an international title in 30 years, it was “Miss Europe World 2018” in Beirut.

What is one of your favourite photographs from your career so far?Who Shot it?

Favourite photo headshot by Stacey Clarke.


What do you think is the best part about being a model in the industry today?

The best part about being in the model industry was having the opportunity to work all over the world. I worked in London, for FORD model agency in Miami and LA. I had the opportunity to visit Ghana, China, Albania, Philippines, Lebanon, Nigeria and many more places for work.

What is your favourite outfit that you have posted so far?

My favourite outfit , well I have two! They were my haute couture Leo Almodal gowns that I wore to compete in Miss Earth 2016. They are head to toe Swarovski crystal and my dream gowns.

What is your favourite healthy snack?

I am vegetarian so my favourite healthy snack is hummus and vegetables like peppers. It helps me get more protein !

What are your travel essentials?

My travel essentials are: always my phone because I work and travel so it is my on the go office as well as my camera! A good motivational book for the journeys and headphones to listen to reggaeton music.

What are your future goal,dreams & plan?

My future plans: I recently set up my own company and I am working with eco friendly brands as I have branded myself as “the Official Green Queen”. My future goal is to create my own sustainable products. #GreenIsTheNewSexy.

Special thanks:Stavroulla Nicolaou (prestige Models Show Production) Photos: Luissa Burton’s archieves