Mikaela Nikolaou: Dream, Implementation & Success

1.       Tell us about your career as a model?

My career as a model basically started after my 15 years when agencies were sending me for castings, catwalks,photoshoots etc 

2.When did you first sign with an agency & what was that like?

 I first sign with an agency when i was really young like 4 years old, and then i stopped at 12 . After 2-3 years I started again and since then I’ve worked with numerous agencies and almost a year ago i met Stavroulla Nikolaou and I’m so happy that I work with her now! Recently I participated in ‘Miss Europe’ in Lebanon and i was the first ever Cypriot model who got into the TOP 10 ! 

3. What is one of uour favourite photographs from your career so far?Who shot it?

One of my favorite photos is the portrait that Steve Berzghal shoot for me with the red background.

 4. What do you think is the best part about being a model in the industry today?

The best part about being in the model industry today is that you get the opportunity to work all over the world and meet people, different fashions and brands. 

5.What is your favourite outfit that you have posted so far?

 I love all my outfits,one of my favorite outfits that I posted so far would be the white t-shirt dress with my jean boots and belt. 

6. What is your favourite healthy snack?

For a snack i may have a bowl filled with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and unsalted cashews or just an apple or banana.

 7.What is your travel essentials?

 I will always carry with me my skin care and make up, my headphones, my power-bang and my iPhone splitter. Sometimes i will have a book to read or my notebook if i have work to do etc. If summer, sunglasses are important as well.

 8.What is your future goal,dreams & plans?

 For the future I’m planning to go to the U.S. for my studies and after my graduation I would like to start a career there if that possible. I will like to thanks Stavroulla Nicolaou ( Prestige Show Production )