Akhil & Aiswarya, the Fashion Couple brings the Global Fashion on to a single platform

The designer couple Akhil and Aiswarya has been on the lips of everyone since their debut show in Kochi, India, their homeland. Akhil and Aiswarya from their Fashion House, A Square London (ASL) is giving an all new bold look to the fashion industry.

Spotted on social media under the head, A Square London, this duo enjoys a great customer base.  Even though grown up in different backgrounds have ended up in the fashion industry exclusively because of their love for this profession. Goal in marriage is not thinking alike but thinking together proves right in their case. They started their career together in London in 2014. It was not just a duo they always had Dr. Siddeek Ahmed behind them as a strong pillar, he is the CMD of Eram Group, and a great humanitarian who always supported them from the beginning till now. He supports several charity initiatives in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Governments, Trusts, NGO’s and individuals besides his own projects.

 A Square London (ASL) bloomed for first in London in the year 2014. Till 2016 the couple shone in London with their innovative productions. Indians saw their talent only in 2016 with the telecast of a Fashion Reality Show by them in one of the national channels named Gods Own Beauty. Their dream project comes true in 2017 when the audience at the Adlux International Convention centre sat unmoved. Vie Fashion Week (VFW), their dream project; their novel production showcased the presence of International Designers, Models and Beauty Pageants from across the globe which added to the elegance of the program when it was launched for the first time in Kochi, India.

The fashion extravaganza observed the blend of international designs with the culture of Kerala. Fashion enthusiasts sat with their hands in the no rest posture signaling appreciation. No wonder it worked out from this celebrated fashion couple because they are so enthusiastic in their professional area to create something very different. Thinking out of the box is always their policy. Vie Fashion Week’s launch was highlighted with one of the biggest fashion runways ever in India. This creative fashion runway displayed the elegant and proud collections of international designers from around the world.

Chennai, the biggest cultural centre in South India witnessed in 2018, November at Leela Palace, the fashion lovers sitting with their eyes fit into the ramp where Akhil and Aiswarya, ASL, flickered with their yet another project, Vie  International Awards (VIA). The Vie International Awards was so unique with the presence of various International Designers, Models, Beauty Pageants, Royal Family members, High Commissioners and Ambassadors of different countries, Business profiles, and Hollywood and Indian celebrities together under within walls. VIA recognized and honored creative and emerging talents in the Fashion & Lifestyle industry with 6 other subcategories. The event was highlighted with the presence of top Magazines Editors and Media from the UK and Europe for the first time. The award winners and the audience were refreshed by the top pop singers from Malaysia; Designers from the Europe, traditional Yoga artist, Mr. Rohan Raphy, from India captivated the audience with their amazing performance.

         While Akhil did his MBA from London, Aiswarya was obsessed with the artful ways of expressing herself. But now they join hands in designing, marketing, and do the VFW and VIA together creating wonders. Creativity and business are often looked apart according to them. Through VFW the designer couple wants to bring the whole world of fashion under one roof. They look for an amalgamation of cultures whereby every fashion enthusiast can know the trends of another country. VFW is the only fashion project in the world of fashion industry, conducted not just in root country of the producers. It’s a mobile fashion project where one can find the designs of many famous, celebrated and emerging designers from around the globe.  While conducting fashion weeks in such a different way the designer couple believes that they can bring together the changing trends in a single platform.

       This designer couple who became famous by their works believes in no show stoppers. They say that the designers are the kings; the so called show stoppers only carry what the designer designs. They treat every model as equals; there is no treatment higher to anyone or lesser to anyone. They not only limit their profession to conducting fashion weeks and award nights but rather they are now on their research to develop a clothing which well protects from the UV rays.

     For a designer, creativity exists everywhere he often sees life in his own works. Here it’s not just singular noun to be used rather a plural they should be used. They are fashion persons and for them fashion is not just about clothing but its all kinds of changes.

       Now it’s all set to create a history in one of the top fashion hubs in the world, Dubai. Vie Fashion Week& Vie International Awards Dubai 2019 will include the participation of more than forty countries, gesturing global reach. They look forward to the union of different cultures under a single ramp. The fashion show in London in 2016 presented the audience a mixture of traditional mural paintings with western outfit. They are for sure looking for something different to be displayed in their Dubai project to hold back their followers.

Vision 2022 will be achieved by them along with their team’s members from the UK, Europe and India whom they always allude to in their interviews. Mr. Darren Imossi from Imossi Model Management handles their designers, international models, and celebrity segments. Mr. Niyaz, Indian fame actor who has been in the Indian movie industry for the last three decades has been associating with them in the management from the very first project and Mr. Jude Felix who is choreographing the project also play a great role in achieving their dream.