Miss Europe World 2018 climbs Europe’s highest mountain for skin conditions 

Luissa Burton “Miss Europe World 2018” and Holonis User @wanderlost (Aaron Shoemaker of Wanderlost Productions) took on the INSANE task of taking the Miss Europe World 2018 sash to the summit of Europe’s highest mountain in Russia called Mount Elbrus (also one of the worlds deadliest!)

FACT: More people die climbing Mount Elbrus every year than they do climbing Mount Everest. 

They climbed in 100 Kilometer per hour winds and minus 40 degrees Celsius temperatures on snow and ice conditions using ice axe picks and crampons. They also battled zero visibility conditions, snow storms and low levels of oxygen making it difficult to breathe due to the altitude.

The reason? Luissa has eczema and psoriasis. She was always told she could never be a successful model or beauty queen and her goal of winning Miss Europe World was to show people that despite whatever limitation “you can overcome any challenge”. She went on to work for FORD models one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world and became the first British woman to ever win Miss Europe World despite her skin conditions. She says, “It doesn’t matter what people believe you can’t do, you can do anything you set your mind to. I wanted to raise awareness for people with skin conditions and for the charity the British Skin Foundation by taking on this challenge”. She has been an ambassador the charity for five years. 

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