Miss Europe World 2018: Believe and you can achieve!

Miss Europe World 2018 episode 2: Believe and you can achieve! Sponsored by Holonis.

How many times have you told yourself “I can’t do that” or you told someone your latest big idea and they laughed and said “thats not possible” and then they proceed to tell you why you can’t do those things.

I’m sure we have all been there. When I started out in the modelling industry I was fed all these beliefs due to my skin conditions. “You’ll never make it”. “You’ll never land a campaign”. “You won’t even make a penny”. 

I’ve risen to the top of my field, worked in markets all over the globe and become one of the UKs most successful beauty queens. I’ve worked with “The Rock”, I’ve worked with Wiz Khalifa, I’ve landed a campaign for the company that designs Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery. I’ve also modelled for some of fashions biggest names: Zandra Rhodes, Lola Rose and top Hollywood movie directors such as Gordon Bilejonic who directed Justin Biebers “Baby” music video. Most recently I won Miss Europe World. I’m not sharing this for praise, I’m sharing it to show you I was someone who used to cry when I looked in the mirror. I felt dirty because of my condition, I felt broken because of the way people made me feel. I’ve been called a leper and a lizard, people moved away from me thinking I was diseased and could catch something. You can’t catch eczema and psoriasis. However if you can overcome these feelings, confront your demons, find your self worth and believe in yourself you too can achieve everything you’ve dreamed of.

How can you be a model covered in eczema and psoriasis? Well.. I did because I have worked relentlessly to change industry attitudes about perfection. We are starting to awaken to the fact that we are being sold perfection in main stream media day in and day out and this is no longer needed or wanted. 

I’m here to use my story to inspire other people that you can be comfortable in your own skin. I’m here to show others that I became successful in an industry despite all the barriers, negativity and “it’s impossible” comments that stood in the way. 

The message: you too can achieve anything despite ANY barrier or limitation that currently exists in your life. Never back down, never give up and never accept anyone else’s opinion of your capabilities. You’ve been given a unique story, unique struggles, unique setbacks, unique talents and a unique set of gifts which makes you ONE OF A KIND. Now go out and use them because you are a superstar!

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